• SOA and Web Services

    By: Vrushali I | February 9, 2011

    business agility to adapt themselves to ever-changing business requirements and continually strive to achieve performance and cost benefits by implementing new solutions and therefore attract and retain customers. The underlying IT infrastructure needs to be

  • The SCRUM Approach

    By: Guest User | February 9, 2011

    “SCRUM is a team of eight individuals in Rugby. Everyone in the pack acts together with everyone else to move the ball down the field in small incremental steps. Teams work as tight, integrated units

  • Performance Engineering

    By: Guest User | February 9, 2011

    On the web, you have less than 27 seconds to display, communicate and capture the attention of your customer before they go elsewhere (Nielson, 2006). Subtract from this the time required to read and understand

  • Onshore-offshore model pain points

    By: Guest User | February 9, 2011

    Based on our survey with our customers and potential customer’s worldwide, these are some of the pain points identified in an onshore-offshore model of development. They may or may not be applicable to all clients,

  • Enterprise Search

    By: Guest User | January 31, 2011

    It is estimated that as much as 80% of all information in the enterprise is unstructured or semi-structured data living in emails, text, voice and video. Enterprise search is no longer a simple convenience, it