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    Getting to know $watch

    Sheldon Fernandes

    This week I came across a $watch, and thought I’d share what I had learnt about it. First, you need to understand how the Angular digest cycle works. The Digest Cycle in AngularJS The cycle

  • Kendo-UI

    Getting to know Kendo with AngularJS

    Sheldon Fernandes

    What is Kendo UI Kendo UI is a framework based on HTML5 and jQuery. It helps build an interactive web application by providing several features for a fast, rich, and responsive web applications in a single package.

  • angualr directives

    Using AngularJS Directives

    Sheldon Fernandes

    What are Directives ? AngularJS directives are what controls the rendering of the HTML inside an AngularJS application. At a high level, directives are markers on a DOM element that tell AngularJS’s HTML compiler to