High Speed Ingestion into Solr with Custom Talend Component Developed by T/DG

In this blog I will explain how to use High Speed Talend-Solr Ingestion components, released by T/DG as open source, for ingesting documents into Solr and its benefit. 

T/DG released 3…

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Understanding and Configuring Solr's PingRequestHandler

In this blog, we'll talk about simple yet very useful Solr handler which is PingRequestHandler. We can use Ping Request Handler…

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Solr LocalParams and Security

Local Parameters are often called as LocalParams. Using this we can “localize” information about an argument that is being sent to Solr through Solr query. its another way of adding…

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SolrCloud - 2 Nodes Solr, 1 Node ZK Setup

Here I am going to talk about a basic SolrCloud setup on 2 separate…

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Using Solr and TikaOCR to search text inside an image.

Tesseract is probably the most accurate open source OCR engine available and with Apache Tika 1.7 you can now use the awesome Tesseract OCR parser within Tika!

Solr 5.x has support…

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Solr vs ElasticSearch

“Which one should I choose, Solr or ElasticSearch?” The question is quite frequently asked by…

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Grouping Results with Solr

Grouping Results:

Imagine a situation where your data set is divided into different categories, subcategories,price ranges, and things like that. What if you would like to n ot only get information…

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Using Solr's ComplexPhraseQueryParser

ComplexPhraseQuery allows complex phrase query syntax e.g “canc* treat* “. It Performs multiple passes over Query text to parse any nested logic in PhraseQueries.

The first pass takes any PhraseQuery content…

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Faceted Search using Solr


Faceted search (also called faceted navigation, guided navigation, or parametric search) breaks up search results into multiple categories, typically showing counts for each category, and allows the user to “drill…

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Measuring Search Relevance using NDCG

Normalized Discounted Cumulative Gain (NDCG) is popular method for measuring the quality of a set of search results. It asserts the following:

Very relevant results are more useful than somewhat relevant…

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