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  • Introduction to OrientDB

    By: Susheel Kumar | September 2, 2015

    Background Recently I started looking into OrientDB for one the use case at TDG where we were evaluating which NOSQL database to go for.  As I came across OrientDB & learned more about it, I see it

  • Introduction to Solr Analytics

    By: Susheel Kumar | August 7, 2015

    Introduction: The Analytics topic has been so popular these days, that its capabilities are being expected from every other Big Data / Search platforms such as Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, Elastic, Solr. Solr a popular search platform,

  • SolrCloud – 2 Nodes Solr, 1 Node ZK Setup

    By: Susheel Kumar | August 3, 2015

      Here I am going to talk about a basic SolrCloud setup on 2 separate machines (or 2 Solr nodes sitting on different machines) with 1 Zookeeper instance for development purpose. I hardly found any article