10 Email Marketing Trends in 2019

It is 2019 and many exciting things are happening in the age of digital marketing. Email marketing that was once considered the underdog, has become an integral part of everyday marketing for many businesses. This is simply because it is much more affordable and has a lot more reach. As a marketer, you know that nothing is constant in the digital marketing space. Everything is constantly changing. Here are some predictions about how Email Marketing will change in the year 2019. 
1] Personalization:
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Email marketing is becoming more and more personalized. People are losing interest in generic emails and with that, even email marketers are changing their strategy to make them more personalized. With the increase in data that digital marketing experts know, now, there is no reason why they will not personalize the product or service based on their user base. This plethora of data will help them further target their audience in a way that is more effective in 2019. Marketers can now look at things like browsing data, buying data, and user click behaviour, to better focus on what potential customers need and target their needs accordingly.     

2] Increase in interactive content:

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In 2019, there is certainly going to be an increase in interactive content. There is going to be more personal messaging that comes from a friend or family member, rather than the talk-down approach of the past. The content is going to be more fun with more information that can potentially be clickable. There are going to be more interaction in the form of games, quizzes, engaging within the email, access to buying the product or service within the email, and more. Basically, it will be all about more engaging content and increasing its subscription value. Adding this to the email will boost sales for the marketing and sales teams and keep users more engaged.      

3] Focus on Quality Content:

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The days of only-Infographics in emails is slowly fading. Overusing HTML styles are also something that customers do not prefer. Therefore, more and more marketers will look at a combination of both plain text along with a focus on making the content interactive. There will be a lot more focus on quality rather than quantity. The relevance of content, good content, data-based content generation, and focused targeted content also helps increase the return on investment (ROI) and more vital convert rates and clicks.

4] The increase of storytelling of brands:

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There is hardly anyone in the world that does not like a good story. The narrative will move more towards storytelling rather than being something that focuses on sales. There will clearly be an increase in the use of communication to tell the brand’s story rather than pitching for the product or service. Marketers will concentrate more on touch points and give more targeted stories.      

5] Increase in importance of Email Marketing:

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Often marketers focus all of their investments in social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and so on. However, 2019 will see an increase in the importance of email marketing. Though there is a rise in social media activity, there are reports that suggest a large percentage of the population is either deleting their social media accounts or continue to remain inactive. Email marketing, on the other hand, has been a consistent tool that has grown because it is a tool that is used for communication, personal or otherwise. Therefore, 2019 will see marketers reconsidering their investment in email marketing to reach their potential customers efficiently.      

6] Increase in Privacy:
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Privacy is becoming an increasing concern for users. This year, 2019, there will be a larger focus on protecting the privacy of the target audience. Misuse of personal data and leaking of personal data is also a concern for all. With the misuse of personal data, a lot of governments are looking to regulate social media, and they are going to get more stringent. Therefore, emails marketers will also need to increase their protection of data.

7] Increased Loyalty program:

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Loyalty programs are very important to any business. It not only makes the business grow, but it also enables people to spread word-of-mouth marketing. This loyalty programs also help marketers collect more data from emails. Email marketers can track this data to better target information. There will be more engaged interactions in the inbox with the data collected if done right. 

8] Automation:

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Automation has multiple uses. It is not just to make it easier to do certain things. It can also help the organization send personalized emails. Automation helps send personalized emails to different potential customers. It also helps identify touch points to ensure that the right messaging goes out to the right kind of people. It segments and targets customers and help the customers take action. There could potentially be more tools coming up to automate email marketing in 2019.      

9] Increase in Mobile Subscriptions:

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There is no two ways about it when it comes to the usage of mobiles. This means more and more people are using their mobile phones to access their email. This means emails will have to be more mobile friendly in 2019. Additionally, more people are using the mobile to buy products and this will potentially increase through the years, which will directly impact the fact that push subscribers are impacted and provide reviews.   

10] AI and Machine Learning:

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AI or artificial intelligence is certainly going to increase in the coming years. Something that helps automation is AI. It is growing in demand and there are a lot of organizations that are investing in AI and Machine Learning to ensure that they understand what their subscribers and potential subscribers want. This investment will not go in vain this year or the coming years. Digital marketers will locate more ways to use AI and Machine learning in their email marketing strategies.
So, that people are moving to digital is no secret; the unsung hero amongst the options is email marketing. People have underestimated the importance of emails, but this year could potentially change with all the updates in the world of email marketing. So, as an email marketer, it is important that one always pays attention to the changes happening to it and keep up. As the cliché goes - keep up or be left out.

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