5 Common Myths about Augmented Reality Debunked

Whenever a new technology is launched, it takes quite some time for people to understand it thoroughly and be sure of how it works. This holds especially true for technology breakthroughs that have the power to capture our collective imagination. Right from the first computer to the advent of the Internet and development of mobile applications, the last few decades have presented us with many wonders from the field of technology.

Augmented reality is one of the latest technological breakthroughs and it has multiple applications for Enterprises across industries and domains. However, there are still many of us who take pride in the belief that Augmented reality has its applications limited to the world of video games alone. Here we shall look at some of the most "popular" myths about AR and the truth behind them. Read on to know if all that you know about AR is true.

Myth 1: Augmented reality is no different from virtual reality
Now, virtual reality is another term that came into existence on the same time as Augmented reality, but the truth is that both of these are very different experiences. Needless to say, the applications of these two technologies are also different. For instance, virtual reality can only be experienced through a specifically designed headset while Augmented reality can be experienced through multiple platforms, including mobile apps.

Myth 2: AR is only fun and games
Thanks to the Sci-Fi genre of Hollywood films, some of the most useful Technologies in recent times are believed to be no more than just the concept behind video games and movies. However, the truth is that the real application of Augmented reality lies in the sphere of the modern enterprise.

Myth 3: AR is expensive
Most enterprises believe that Augmented reality is a highly expensive concept that is only available to the big enterprises. However, today we have Augmented reality platforms that have made AR more accessible and there are a lot many options to use AR in innovative ways.

Myth 4: Augmented reality is yet to be defined clearly
There are many who believe Augmented reality is a vague concept that does not have a standard definition yet. However, this is far from the truth because AR can be defined pretty clearly even without the use of any technical jargons – Augmented reality is about adding virtual elements in the real environment. A classic example would be the Pokemon Go game where one could find pokemons in the real environment.

Myth 5: AR has more possibilities for the future
Another common myth about AR is that it has been completely explored and that there isn't any more possibilities with the technology. However, the fact is that augmented reality has much more to offer and there is still a lot more to look forward to in the near future. We have yet witnessed only the applications of AR for creating visual experiences, but AR can also be explored to augment a sense of sound, touch, smell, and so on.

So that was about some debunking of myths about augmented reality and its possible applications. As Augmented reality moves from the domain of games and movies into the world of the new age enterprise, the possibilities grow manifold for this technology to create breakthroughs in terms of how enterprises manage their business operations and interact with their users.
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