5 HR Data Security Tips for Enterprises Today

Data breaches are very common today and they are growing in number. A data breach is being committed almost every minute, studies indicate, and this is a serious cause of concern for Enterprises today. Among all the departments in an organisation, the HR department is responsible for managing the most sensitive data. This is because the HR data consists of personal and confidential information about the employees in the organisation, as well as the basic details of all the applicants who apply for different positions in the organisation. This calls for great responsibility on behalf of the HR professionals in terms of effective HR data management and they should be aware of the best practices to follow when it comes to HR data security and protection of data from threats and vulnerabilities.

1] Implementing IT Policies for HR Data Security
The first and foremost solution to the growing threat to HR data security is implementation of HR data management along with data security policies and practices through the use of latest technology. This calls for close collaboration with the IT Department of the organisation to come up with a set of cybersecurity-based IT policies to keep data threats on check. These policies should ideally cover everything from access to data, file sharing, copying of data to the employees' personal devices, and also remote access to company data. This applies all the more in the current scenario where the entire workforce in most companies is working from home.

2] Training to Create Employee Awareness
Once the IT policies are in place to combat HR data security threats, the next step is to create awareness among the employees in the organisation regarding the possible impact of HR data security breaches and the steps they can take for prevention, including the significance of effective HR data management. This is important because well trained employees can play a significant role in identifying vulnerabilities in data and prevent hacks and attacks. The HR department should make it a point to include cybersecurity training as a part of the induction process during employee onboarding.

3] Regulation of Access to Sensitive Data
Another good approach towards preventing threats and attacks to HR data is to Limit access of employees to this data based on the job roles. Otherwise referred to as access control, it's a process that defines What data will be accessible to the employees. Organisations need an advanced HR software like Digital HRMS to implement access control successfully and restrict the access to the most sensitive information.
This will limit the access to the entire HR data and reduce the incidences of data thefts and other threats to HR data.

4] Instilling a Culture of Cyber Security
This is just a continuation of the point that we discussed above regarding training the employees about the significance of HR data security measures. It's highly recommended that HR department of an organisation introduce a culture of cybersecurity within the organisation, which can be done in multiple ways. To begin with, the HR department can share useful cybersecurity tips with the employees and even recognise the efforts of employees in implementing HR data security practices. This will motivate all the employees to follow the steps required for data safety in the organization.

5] Prevent Risks from Mobile Devices

As work from home increasingly becomes the norm, organizations today should have strict bring your own devices (BYOD) policies for employees. This is essential because work from home is all about people accessing the data through their own devices that are not register on the organisations network. Such devices pose a huge threat to data security and this issue can only be tackled through a well-designed BYOD policy that keeps threats to data security at bay.

So, that was about the top 5 tips for implementing security of HR data in your enterprise. Want to share more ways to secure HR data in an organization? Also, looking for a HR software that makes implementation of advanced HR data security easy? Visit our website www.digitalhrms.com or drop us an email on marketing@digitalhrms.com and our team will get in touch with you.
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