Accelerated Results with AI Based Resume Parsing Tool

Recruitment is one of the key areas and responsibilities of the HR department and enterprises today are making an effort to attract and retain the top talent. After all, good employees are the asset of any organization. However, recruitment comes with its own set of challenges and one of the challenging aspects of the recruitment process is shortlisting the candidates for a specific position. For this, the recruitment team needs to browse through the resumes of hundreds of applicants applying for a position. This process is termed as resume parsing and it is one of the most time consuming part of the recruitment process.

The members of the recruitment team need to browse through each resume in order to extract the data and with applicants submitting resumes in multiple layouts, this can be extremely exhausting to say the least. Thankfully, you have the new age resume parser – an automated AI based platform that serves the purpose of automating the entire resume parsing process from start to finish. In other words, the resume parsing platform takes care of the parsing process without the need for human intervention.

Accelerated Resume Parsing Powered by AI
The advent of the AI based resume parser has accelerated the resume parsing process by leaps and bounds. The earlier manual process of parsing through resumes was not just time consuming but also prone to errors in sorting of the data and data extraction. However, the resume parser has not just eliminated the errors of the manual process to take the accuracy to an all new level, but also have accelerated the speed of parsing.

Digital Resume Parser is a T/DG product that provides an automated solution for extracting intelligent data from candidate resumes, allowing HR and Recruitment teams to skip the time-consuming manual resume data extraction process. The team saves time and effort by automating the resume data extraction, processing, and storage operations. The information retrieved by the Digital Resume parser software is converted to machine-readable formats like JSON and XML.

How the New Age Resume Parsing Platform Gives You the Edge
The new age resume parsing software is different from the resume parsing software of the previous generation, because unlike the earlier platforms that were based on keyword search, the resume parsing software of today is based on AI technology, including semantic search and natural language processing, powered by AI.

What AI does is it enables the resume parsing software to look at all the “key aspects” of the resume data and not miss out on information just because it has been added in more of an unconventional way. For example, if an applicant’s name id Thomas Washington and the resume parser has been instructed to shortlist applicants who are based in Washington, it is likely that the earlier generation of resume parsing platforms would end up shortlisting the resume of MR. Washington, even though he has not mentioned his location or has mentioned some other city.

However, the new age AI based resume parsing platforms would understand the context or the fields in which the data has been entered and then sort this data into the respective field names. Also, synonyms such as the ones used for referring to degrees and certifications are also taken care of in order to avoid confusion.

Here’s how the resume parsing platform of the Digital Resume Parser works

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