All About Test Case Management Tools and How Integration with JIRA Helps in Bug-Tracking

What is a test cases management tool?

Teams may manage test case environments, automated tests, defects, and project tasks with the use of test case management tools. Some programs include sophisticated dashboards and thorough key metric tracking, making it simple to monitor progress and address bugs.

This blog will explain how, with the aid of an add-on JIRA, we can utilize JIRA as a TC (Test cases) and issue management tool. In the past, every project had to rely on JIRA for tracking problems and an Excel spreadsheet for documenting test cases. We frequently required a tool that would allow us to complete both test cases and bugs with only one piece of equipment. Despite several limitations that are described in the blog post's later section, we can now utilize JIRA for test cases and problem management.

What does a software testing bug mean?

The colloquial term for flaws, or bugs, is when a piece of software or an application does not function as intended.

A software bug may also be referred to as an issue, mistake, fault, or failure in software testing. Any blunder or mistake is done by the developers while creating the product led to the bug.

The test engineer might not get the desired outcome when running the test cases or testing the application. And the bug went by many names in different firms, including errors, problems, difficulties, faults, and mistakes, among others.

Why do errors/bugs happen?

The following factors can lead to a defect in software testing:

  • Incorrect coding
  • Missing coding
  • Extra coding

What is a bug-tracking or test management tool?

Software testing offers a variety of bug tracking tools/ test management tools that assist us in finding bugs that are connected to software or applications.

The following are some of the most popular bug tracking tools:

  • Jira
  • Bugzilla
  • Redmine
  • Mantis
  • Backlog

One of the most crucial bug tracking tools is Jira. Jira automation tool is an open-source program used for managing projects, monitoring issues in manual testing, and tracking bugs.

Jira automation tool has a variety of capabilities, including workflow, recording, and reporting. All types of software-related problems and issues that are produced by the test engineer can be tracked in Jira.

QA experts are increasingly using Jira for test management. This is due to Jira's specific benefits as well as the fact that the platform is well-known to the majority of development and QA experts. After all, it is the platform for bug tracking and project management that is now utilized the most in the entire globe.

Jira automation tool was not designed or built by Atlassian with test management in mind, thus there are several difficulties that arise when using it for that purpose. We are now able to improve Jira's test management features thanks to the modern test management solutions that interact with Jira. A Jira add-on that might be useful is QARA Test Management for Jira (QARAJ).

The Jira add-on QARAJ expands Jira's test management capabilities by linking Jira to QARA Enterprise. The Jira add-on may be downloaded through the Atlassian Marketplace. Both the test case and the test cycle pages may be accessed for test case execution in QARAJ. The Jira add-on has test cases that can be as basic as one-liners or as complex as problems with a massive amount of data.

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