Difference Between Recording Test Cases and Zero Coding Automation with QARA Enterprise

As the Agile methodology increasingly becomes a part of the software development lifecycle, one can witness a rapid shift in the approach towards software development and quality assurance. Today, software development needs to be much faster than before, because of the shift in the market demands. The short attention span of users today, especially the millennials, makes them seek fresh updates frequently.

If an app fails to provide them with new updates every other week, the app ceases to hold their interest. The highly dynamic environment calls for agility and speed, which is only possible through automation testing.

However, switching from manual testing to automation is not as easy as it sounds, because of the advanced programming skills required for successful automation. Thankfully, there is a solution to this – software testing tools that help QA teams achieve automation without the need for advanced coding or programming. The two most common approaches through which this seemingly “impossible” feat is achieved are as follows:

  1. Test case recording
  2. Scriptless/ zero coding test automation

QARA Enterprise is a complete suite of software testing solutions that allows QA teams simplify the process of automation testing through any one of the approaches mentioned above. Here we shall look at the difference between the two.

What is test case recording

Put in simple words, test case recording is a process whereby a record and playback tool is used to record the user steps for one particular test case execution and then replaying the recorded steps multiple times for subsequent executions, without the need to write test scripts every time.

What is zero coding test automation

Zero coding test automation is all about a platform that does all the coding and programming for creating test scripts for execution.

The definitions itself make it clear that these are different concepts. Now, let us try to understand them further.

To begin with, test case recording does sound like the simplest way to automate test cases, but there is a catch! For this approach to work, there should be at least a few people in the team who are skilled enough to write the programming the first time, each time a test case needs to be executed under a new set of conditions. Also, recorded test cases can rarely be reused as is, and in most instances, require at least a few tweaks here and there (which again calls for coding experts). Change in screen resolution can also be a hindrance to the effective working of recorded test cases.

Scriptless test automation tools, or zero coding test automation tools as they are also known as, are platforms designed to auto-generate test scripts based on user cases. To put it simply, scriptless test automation tools are kind of an advanced version of record and playback tools, because they can make the required changes in the code automatically, without the need for human intervention. This makes it easy for QA professionals with very little or no programming skills, to be able to use zero coding test automation tools with utmost convenience.

QARA Enterprise is a test automation tool with zero coding framework that offers QA professionals the option to use test case recording as and when required. In addition to the provision to execute test cases without any programming skills, there are multiple other features that the platform offers to its users to help them accelerate the Automation Testing process.

Visit www.qaratest.com to explore the capabilities of QARA Enterprise and its entire suite of products.
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