Employee Management with Digital HRMS: Implementing Onboarding Best Practices

Employee onboarding is one of the key responsibilities of the HR department in organizations today, because statistics indicate that the quality of the employee onboarding process goes a long way in determining the loyalty of the employee towards the organization.

64% of employees make a decision on whether to continue with an organization, within the first few days of joining.

Now, that’s a very significant number and reason enough for the organizations to shift their focus on creating an employee onboarding experience process that creates a lasting impression. Thankfully, there are the new age HR software that can help HR teams to implement this with ease. Yes, you heard that right! A platform like Digital HRMS – an advanced HR software – is designed to not just automate the process of employee onboarding, but at the same time, make it paperless, hassle free and faster. Here we shall look at how the Employee Management module of Digital HRMS helps the HR team implement of employee onboarding best practices.

1] Eliminate Paperwork as Much as Possible
While we all know the significance of paperwork in the formalities associated with the employee onboarding process, the idea is to get it done digitally as far as possible. Most employees dread filling tons and tons of forms and let’s face it, paperwork can be mundane.
Digital HRMS helps solve this issue by allowing the HR team to share the digital copies of the many forms and other documents to the candidate prior to the date of joining. This takes care of the paperwork beforehand, allowing the new hire time and opportunity to learn more about the organization and their roles and responsibilities. Now that’s what you call a good first impression!

2] Introduce them to the Workplace Culture Early On
A lot many new hires value a good workplace culture over many other things and so it’s a good practice to showcase your workplace culture on the very first day of joining. Also, every brand has a voice and what they call as a “personality”. Allow your brand to speak to the new hires and they are sure to connect with it. Share with them key information about the company, such as the Mission and Vision, the objectives of the team they’ll be a part of, and a welcome message from the HR Head or anyone from the senior management.

In the current scenario, when the teams are working remotely, your HR team can upload pre-recorded or pre-created videos on the Digital HRMS platform that showcase the company culture and other information that you might want to share. This way, remote work can’t stop your HR team from creating a memorable remarkable employee onboarding experience.

3] Assign a Buddy to the New Hires
The buddy system has been proven to be helpful to the new hires to learn the ins and outs of the new job profile. The HR team should choose a teammate as the buddy who can show them around the office and help build connections. The chat feature of Digital HRMS is designed to help the new hires connect with their buddies with ease and get their doubts cleared.

4] Make them Feel Welcome
It is very important to make the new hires feel welcome on their very first day at work, whether it is on the office premises or through a remote connection. Digital HRMS can step in as the ideal platform for team members to connect remotely and also make announcements. The new hires are usually not very familiar with the emails and other platforms and so Digital HRMS makes it easy. Even the HR can announce surprises to the new hires through the same platform.

Celebrate first year anniversary & early wins!
Work anniversaries can be a great reason to celebrate and this can be of immense significance for a new hire who can be made to feel valued and cherished through celebrations and wishes on their first-year anniversary. After all, the first anniversary is the first big milestone and a great time to celebrate the achievements and the rewarding association. Digital HRMS showcases the work anniversaries of employees daily and this can help the team members as well as people in the organization to wish the new hires and boost their morale and confidence.

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