Employee Training During Remote Work with Digital HRMS

Employee training is essential for employees to stay motivated and perform their tasks more efficiently. The advent of the Covid-19 and the subsequent remote work has affected employee training initiatives of organizations across the globe. The reason behind this is the fact that you need to interact with people for training programs to be successful and this was no longer possible during remote work. This resulted in many organisations abandoning all the sessions schedule for the entire year.


However, the great news is that remote work need not mean the end of employee training initiatives, thanks to the new age HR software. Yes, HR software is the ideal tool for enterprises to manage employee training initiatives even during the current phase of remote work. Here we shall look at how Digital HRMS, an advanced HR software platform, offers Learning Management System (LMS) with a set of features to facilitate effective employee training initiatives through a virtual platform.


The dedicated learning management system (LMS) of Digital HRMS has the features to enable the HR department to manage 
online employee training initiatives. Right from identification of training needs to managing post training feedback, everything is made possible on a single platform. Here are the key features of the LMS module of Digital HRMS.

  • Initiating employee satisfaction survey
  • Provision for employees to voice their training requirements and for the managers to prioritize them
  • Provision for employees for online trainings on the platform, at their convenient pace and time
  • Graphical representation of training goals for easy tracking
  • Provision for managers to raise ad-hoc training requests
  • Provision to track status of training nomination requests at a glance
  • Trainings showcased in a user-friendly tile format with relevant details
  • Provision for employees to complete pre as well as post assessments
  • Availability of all training-related details on a single platform for ease of planning


In addition to the features mentioned above, Digital HRMS offers another key advantage with its mobile app available for 
Android and iOS users. Yes, the Digital HRMS mobile app takes the convenience of remote access to the next level and is designed to redefine the user experience during remote work. The smart mobile app ensures that the employee can access the training module and all of its content anytime and from any location on the globe.


Want to discover more about how the Learning Management System of Digital HRMS can help your HR team streamline employee training?

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