Exploring the Benefits of using QARAJ Issue Type in Test Management

We have learnt in our previous blogs that Jira is increasingly being used by QA professionals for test management. This is because of the distinct advantages that Jira has to offer, along with the familiarity that most development and QA professionals have with the Jira platform. After all, it is the most widely used bug tracking and project management platform in the world today.

However, there are certain challenges that come up when you use Jira for test management, simply because it is not the purpose for which Jira was conceptualized and developed by Atlassian. Thanks to the new age test management platforms that integrate with Jira, we can now enhance the test management capabilities of Jira. QARA Test Management for Jira (QARAJ) is an example of a Jira add on that can bring advanced test management capabilities to Jira. Here we shall learn about the benefits of using QARAJ Issue type in Jira for advanced test management.

Advantages of QARAJ Issue Type Creation in Jira
Here are certain advantages of creating issues with QARAJ Jira add on. Let's get to know them a little better.     
  1. Workflows              
  2. Permissions                                
  3. Agile / Scrum Boards               
  4. Assignment & Accountability   
  5. Linking                          
  6. Work Logs             
  7. Integration with QARA enterprise          
  8. Search + JQL                        
  10. REST API                   
  11. Reports / Listings
1] Workflows
When it comes to Jira test management, workflows can also be implemented using QARA Jira add on for testing-related artefacts (e.g., tests, test executions) to provide you complete control over the test design, execution, and planning phases. You may also use processes to prevent requirements from being closed if they haven't been thoroughly evaluated.

Who Benefits: Jira admins & Project admins

2] Permissions
Deal with permissions in Jira test management the same way you deal with permissions in general. This centralises and streamlines the management of users and permissions. As with any other issue type, make your testing-related issues read-only.

Who Benefits: Jira admins

3] Agile / Scrum Boards
QARAJ issues can be incorporated in SCRUM boards as well, giving everyone working in the project a clear picture of the real status of the issues being worked on during a sprint, not just from a development standpoint but also from a quality standpoint.

Who Benefits: Jira users

4] Assignment & Accountability
It is possible to assign QARAJ issues and add watchers to them. This is a big advantage of a Jira test management tool. Whether you're dealing with the definition of a test case or the execution of a group of tests within a single Test Execution, assigning issues to users ensures that they get done.

Who Benefits: Everyone

5] Linking
Relate QARAJ issues to other issues in your Jira instance the Jira way (for example, Story, Bug, Task, and so on). This feature of Jira test management with QARAJ allows for easy navigation between related pieces of information, making it available whenever you need it.

Who Benefits: Jira Users

6] Work Logs
Ability to add work logs, specifically in Test Execution problems, to track the time it takes to run the tests is another advantage of Jira test management. Other issue categories can also have work logs attached to them as a way to track time spent on them.

Who Benefits: Everyone

7] Integration with QARA Enterprise 
JIRA issues are utilised as the foundation for numerous add-ons because they are a key JIRA concept/artifact. Because QARAJ also uses Jira problems, the integration with QARA Enterprise is accessible right out of the box, without the need for a custom integration.

Who Benefits: Jira Users

8]  Search + JQL
Using JQL, you can easily search for and interact with QARAJ issues. You may use JQL to search for what you need based on the fields that are relevant to you, leveraging your existing Jira knowledge.

Who Benefits: Everyone

9] Comments
Contribute to QARAJ issues by providing comments for other users. People should be consulted and involved in the creation of test cases and the construction of a test plan. Make it easier to contribute, regardless of the step of testing you're in.

Who Benefits: Jira Users

Use Jira's REST API to query, create, and update QARAJ issues right out of the box. The REST API provided by QARAJ extends it further to include the essential semantics for test management.

Who Benefits: Everyone

11] Reports / Listings
Because QARAJ concerns are the same as any other, they can readily be included in listings. The "Filter Results" gadget can also be used to create lists of Tests, Test Sets, Test Plans, or requirements using QARAJ problems.

Who Benefits: Everyone

QARAJ is part of the QARA Enterprise Suite, a Jira test management tool which includes several products, each of which has a different functionality associated the QA of software products and applications. It offers the multiple benefits that a Jira test management tool has to offer when it comes to effective test management.

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