Exploring the Top 5 Benefits of Agile Methodology

It all started in the year 2001 when the Manifesto for Agile Software Development was released. The manifesto was about an all new approach to software development and testing, which was designed to overcome the challenges of the traditional Waterfall approach.

The manifesto focused on how there was the need for a shift in our approach to software development. Given below are some of the key pointers, which are important because they define the spirit of Agile as we know it today.

  • A team of competent Individuals working together is more significant than the use of advanced tools and processes.
  • While documentation is important help people understand the software, the primary purpose of development should be the software and not the documentation.
  • Contracts are important but a contract should not come in the way of working closely with clients to understand their requirements.
  • While it's important to have a plan for every project, it should not stop the developers from accommodating changes in the technology environment or any urgent priorities.

The manifesto was also about introducing the world to the 12 principles of Agile Software Development. Today, Agile has evolved as the most sought after approaches to development as well as testing. This approach has been instrumental in making automation the norm in software testing, as the pace and the need for continuous testing, as propagated by Agile, is not possible with manual testing.

New age test automation tools like QARA Enterprise are designed to help QA teams accelerate their testing capabilities in an Agile environment. Today QA teams need more than just an automation tool – they need a platform like QARA Enterprise that serves as a complete suite of products designed to cater to every aspect of the test management process.

Key Benefits of Implementing Agile Methodology

1] Higher Levels of Productivity

With the implementation of Agile, comes the approach of completing projects in shorter sprints which implies that the entire work is divided into small, more manageable parts which can be completed faster and within the stipulated deadline. This leads to a boost in efficiency and productivity of the entire team and also makes project management easier.

2] Room for Change

The very essence of Agile methodology is making way for change. According to the principles of Agile, the development team should focus on the redefining the goals and objectives for the product, but at the same time have the willingness to incorporate changes that can help improve the product. This priority on constant refinement of the product is the one of the biggest benefits of Agile.

3] Improved Quality of Product

According to the Agile methodology principles, the practice of breaking down the project into small manageable units makes it easier to focus on product quality. Also, multiple iterations and continuous testing ensures that flaws and bugs in the product are identified during the early stages of the software development life cycle.

4] Focused on the Users

One of the key reasons Agile is so widely accepted across the globe is the fact that it always brings the best results. This is possible because this approach is all about working closely with the users/clients with the purpose of inculcating their inputs regarding prioritising of the features of the product and even including new features as per the requirement of the clients. This way, the product ends up being more about adding real value for the users instead of being just another completed project.

5] Makes it Possible to Predict Costs and Deadline

The fact that Agile breaks down the project into short sprints of fixed duration, makes it easy to define a deadline for the project and deliver the project within the deadline as well. As we know, the cost of rectifying errors is far higher when the defects are identified towards the later stages of software development life cycle, and Agile eliminates this possibility by identifying defects at the early stages itself when they are easier and cost-effective to resolve.

So that was about the key benefits of Agile methodology and the reasons that have made it so popular with developers and QA professionals across the globe today. Have you ever experienced working in an Agile environment? Share your thoughts on how Agile helps development teams.
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