Go Paperless with Digital HRMS: Discover how HR can Benefit from Digital Documentation

Today is the era of digitalization and we are living in a world that is increasingly replacing the age-old manual processes with digital substitutes. This holds true for enterprises across the globe that are investing in infrastructure and software to pave the way for large-scale digitalization.

The HR department in an organisation has the highest levels of responsibility as it is entrusted with the comprehensive task of employee management. The HR department plays a key role in the management of employees - right from the day they walk in to the day they retire. Right from the day the employee joins the organisation, he or she is required to fill an array of documents for many a purpose. This begins with the onboarding formalities and continuous throughout the employee lifecycle.

Managing so many documents for hundreds of employees is a task that requires exhaustive efforts, not to mention the chances of errors. In addition to that, there is also the need to invest time in making the employees sign on certain documents as and when required. In a scenario like the one that we are experiencing currently, where the entire workforce is working remotely, there is an even greater need to implement a digital approach to documentations as well as online access to company policy documents. This is where an advanced HR software like Digital HRMS comes into the picture. Digital HRMS offers a Policy Module that allows the HR department to upload documents directly on the HR software platform and define the access level to the document based on the role of the employee. This way, it will be ensured that the document meant for Managers cannot be accessed by any other employee except Managers. This way, Digital HRMS takes care of the concerns regarding the security and unauthorised access to important policy documents.

Benefits of Digital Documentation to HR

Given below are the benefits of digital documentation through the integrated online HR software platform of Digital HRMS.

1] Saves time and efforts

With the Policy Documents portal of Digital HRMS, the HR department has the option to share the important document simultaneously to all the employees instead of having to mail them separately. This helps them save time and efforts and make the process faster.

2] No risk of non-compliance

Many people wonder if documents signed using a digital signature is considered legally binding, and the answer is 'Yes'. So there is no reason why the HR department of Enterprises today should not go the digital way when it comes to documentation.

3] Saves paper and costs

Today, when the threat to the environment is real, every organisation out there is making an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. So, a system that helps organizations go green and save paper is always welcome. In addition to that, the digital documentation approach also reduces cost to the company, because of the minimal use of paper and also the elimination of the need for large storage spaces for storing all the paper folders.

4] Works for the remote work scenario

The digital approach works best for situations that call for remote work, like the one we are experiencing right now. It makes it possible for the HR to complete all the formalities remotely, without having to wait for the employees to be physically present in the office premises.

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