How a Resume Parsing Software Powered by NLP is the Solution to Challenges

When you have a job opening in your organization, you will have hundreds of applicants sending in their resumes to apply for the job. While having more and more applicants applying for the position definitely helps, it also adds up to the efforts of the recruitment professionals who now have to go through so many resumes before they can shortlist the candidates for the interview. It was this challenge that inspired the invention of the resume parsing platform.

However, the initial versions of the resume parsing platform did come with their own set of challenges. This is because no two resumes are the same, even if they are for the same job opening! In other words, different people choose different terms to describe their achievements and skills and even the templates used are different, not to mention the headings and the sequence of sections.

Challenges of Resume Parser Platform

The following are the key challenges faced by recruiters when using the last generation of resume parsing platforms.

  • Variations of standard terms missed out by the platform
  • Inability to process multiple formats and layouts
  • No support for variations in spellings (such as British and American spellings)
  • No support for multiple file formats, such as doc, pdf, etc.
  • No standard output format
  • Very less accuracy

How a Resume Parsing Software Powered by NLP Helps

Thanks to the new generation of automated CV extraction tool, recruitment teams in new age businesses have reason to rejoice. A new age resume parsing tool is powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and recognises and extracts relevant information from a variety of resumes and presents it in a way that facilitates easy understanding. Using automated resume parsing software, recruiters may extract the most relevant details from hundreds of resumes in no time, making their job considerably easier.

Digital Resume Parser (DRP), for example, is a powerful AI-based resume parsing tool powered by NLP. It's a CV extraction tool developed by T/DG that automates the extraction of meaningful data from the resumes of candidates, helping the HR and Recruitment teams to avoid the time-consuming manual data extraction procedure. It is an AI resume parser platform that boosts efficiency of the team with the automation of the process of resume data extraction, processing, and storage.

How Resume Parsing Using NLP Works

Resume parsing using NLP is all about a CV extraction tool that examines data in order to deduce the meaning of words on a page. To put it another way, CV extraction tool using NLP employs artificial intelligence to determine the true meaning of what has been written.

When you go through a handful of resumes from applicants for the same position, you will still find multiple variations in the words chosen by the applicants to describe their skills, experience, education and other parameters. For example, you will find words like software developer, software programmer, software engineer, which can be used to denote a similar profile. This is where a CV extraction tool using NLP can step in to extract the information that is most relevant, taking variations into consideration.

The Digital Resume Parser CV extraction tool using NLP analyses what is written to understand the intention of the writer and classify the data into the relevant categories according to the intent of the content/data. This means that you can get reliable facts even from information that might include multiple variations of a single term.


Here’s a graphical representation of the working of the Digital Resume Parser platform.

Want to explore the resume parsing using NLP that the Digital Resume Parser resume parsing software offers? Explore how a powerful resume data parser can simplify recruitment process for your HR. Visit the website or drop us an email on and our team will help you with your queries.

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