How AI Tech Can Help a Small Business

The term AI, or artificial intelligence, was first coined more than 50 years ago. And while the optimism for AI ran high throughout the years, the real world applications and impact of AI is only now becoming more prevalent. Apparent benefactors of the rampant progress in AI are small businesses. From better e-Commerce experiences to safer flights, artificial intelligence is undoubtedly taking small businesses to the next level.

Real-Time Flight Assistance

Bottlenecks in logistics and customer interactions continue to plague many major international airlines. On a daily basis, they interact with millions of passengers across real-time market and social networks. This is precisely where artificial intelligence can come in and change things. Smart systems and chatbots can be employed to provide real-time updates and notifications about changes in flight schedules.

Cloud-Based Database Insight

Data that is stored in cloud-based servers is rendered useless unless you can process and extract information from it. Patterns and trends can be developed from studying the large sets of data stored in cloud databases. A business can then use this insight to forge new strategies and make improvements on their current business model. It used to be impossible to analyze and extract data manually, but with AI, you can rapidly and efficiently process these data points. In fact, new age AI based enterprise search platforms like 3RDi Search, a product of The Digital Group, are designed to help businesses derive useful insights from the growing volumes of unstructured data.

Voice Search Assistance

Google's Assistant and Apple's Siri are two of the top contenders in this space, both showcasing the power of artificial intelligence. Another option is Amazon's Alexa, which is compatible with devices, like the Echo speaker. For small businesses, this fleet of 21st century assistants can help perform data searches faster.

Customer Service Improvements

AI can help usher in better customer service and technical support for a business's customers. For instance, it can sort outstanding customer tickets, answer queries, and forward calls that require further human assistance. With artificial intelligence, businesses can use minimal resources for customer service while still boosting customer engagement levels.

Ready-Made Solutions

Small businesses now have access to a wide array of ready-made AI solutions that can automate tasks and streamline operations, particularly in their work spaces. For instance, AI tools can lend a much deeper insight through detailed business reports, help entrepreneurs manage their schedules and meetings, etc.

Final Thoughts

Artificial intelligence, coupled with deep learning, is only set to improve quality of life and eliminate the century-old bottlenecks that inundate small and large businesses. The sooner you decide to switch to AI platforms, the more your business can thrive in its respective industry.

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