How Design Thinking Builds your Creative Confidence?

What is an idea? What is a Thought? And how do we think all these great or new ideas that are coming in our mind in every few second? How to convert these ideas to a great innovation? If we think about the human brain, we are amazed to see how it’s working continuously. Every time, it pops up and gives some innovative or creative ideas depending upon what is going on in your mind or your surroundings. So, here, we discuss how we use these ideas to give shape to new thoughts and convert these thoughts into some innovative and useful technology.

Here, I am going to tell you some story, but before that, if we think about “innovation”, what kind of words come to our mind? We usually think of words like creativity, out-of-the-box , genius, break-through, and so on.



One day, I saw a ragpicker who had hunches on his back at a very young age. I asked him if he knew what caused people to develop hunches so early in life. He said to me “for the last 10 years our work has been ragpicking. So, due to bending down of our body almost always, the hunches seem to have appeared automatically.”

Think about the scenario and put some pressure in your mind. Can we design something or some tool which gives some relaxation to their body? The process of thinking over some new cases and coming up with some useful “out-of-the-box” solution is called Design thinking. Innovation is something that we love to talk about.

Design thinking is a process, and a way to solve problems. Basically, design thinking is the process where you analyze a problem and think of a solution.

What is the subject of design thinking? And what isn’t?

•    Design thinking is the process that you can apply to solve problems that people face.
•    Innovate something that people want or need.
•    Redesign or improve the process.

Design is not about something that looks good; it is about how a thing looks, and feels and works.
To make your thought a success and to make your product creative, there are some steps (or modes) which you have to follow: -


•    Empathize Mode: -
In this Mode of process, we gather quite a bit of information, spend some time with the information we collected through our observations and conversations, look through the information carefully, identify significant points, and gain insights.

•    Define Mode: -
In this mode, we have to narrow the scope of the problem.

•    Ideate mode: -
In this mode, we have to formulate a solution to address the specific problem. To do this it is very necessary to collaborate, call as many people as we can who we think can help us in arriving at solutions and generate as many ideas as possible through brainstorming, and allow our imagination to run wild.

•    Prototype mode: -
After the ideate mode, you have so many different types of workable ideas. Convert these ideas into something real, model, artefact. To do this we use anything that is available gradually and create your model.

•    Test mode: -
After completing the model, we are going to test it by giving it to the user and observe how they use it. Collect the feedback from the user and use the feedback to refine your model and make it more workable.

Principle of Design Thinking: -

Design thinking is a technique for creativity and innovation. So, designers have been using this technique for many years in creating product design. The core principle of design thinking process is stated below: -

•    Assembling across the Functional team: - Creativity doesn’t happen in a closed room. It involves the designer, developers, and the product manager working together cohesively in one team and bouncing ideas of one another and coming up with the most innovative solutions.

•    Empathy: - In this principle, first we have to focus on our end user. Typically, many technologies pack several functionalities into the product. As a result, the product does everything but it is very hard to use it because we really forget about the end user.

•    User-centric: - Understanding of people’s need is empathy and when you design a product keeping these very needs in mind to come up with something centred around the users, it is called User -centric.

•    Observation: - In the observation step, we can gather all the data by observing someone very closely.

All these are the steps in the process of design thinking. Using this methodology, we can Create or do some unique or innovative things. Let us discuss a story which will increase your Creative confidence.

“Creative Confidence is nothing but a natural Ability to come with breakthrough ideas, combined with the courage to act on the sides.”

One day, I met a doctor who has been working with phobias for the past 10 years. He had developed this kind of methodology that ended up curing people.

The doctor talked about snakes or fear of snake as a phobia. It was really enjoyable and interesting idea.

He told me he was invited to visit some people who had fear of snakes and the doctor told them they were together going to a room with a long snake in it. Most of them replied they were not going inside, if there was a snake.

The doctor suggested them a step by step process that was super successful. So he takes these people to this two-way mirror looking in to the room where the snake was and he taught them to be comfortable with that and they learnt many more baby steps on how to touch the snakes. When the people went through this process, they felt very comfortable.

Everything was better than before. These people who had a lifelong fear of the snakes, were now saying things like “how beautiful snake is”. They were holding the snakes in their lap. Due to this process, these people gained an all new confidence and most importantly, they realized you can change the world and you can attain what you set out to do.

So, the people who have different ideas, we recommend you go with different series or steps of work and turn your fear into familiarity and be surprised they begin to think of themselves differently. You will feel amazed to see yourself like a creative person. In order to understand more about design thinking and gain in-depth knowledge in it, it’s recommended that you opt for design thinking training. This will help you become an expert in this field.

Design thinking and innovation are necessary for a business to come up with new ideas to engage with their users. Be it social media campaigns, advertisement or even product design, innovation plays a key role everywhere.

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