How Digital HRMS is the Solution to Challenges in Attendance Tracking of Remote Employees

Today when the entire workforce of enterprises across the globe are working from home, the challenges for the HR department are many. After all, managing a remote workforce and catering to their needs is easier said than done. Every aspect of employee management – from leave and attendance tracking to managing working hours and employee performance, has suddenly become more complex than ever before. However, as there is no sign of remote work ending anytime soon, it’s going to be a tough journey for the HR professionals.

One of the key functions of the HR department is the management of the attendance of employees. In today’s scenario, this can turn out to be a real challenge because the usual methods of employee attendance tracking (Biometric and access card readers) no longer apply.

Some of the common challenges are as follows:

  • No provision to track and measure employee productivity
  • Discrepancies in payroll calculation
  • No provision to verify if an employee is present on a certain day
  • Difficulty in planning of resources for a project
  • Lack of coordination between teams
  • Lack of discipline in the work culture
How does the HR department resolve the challenges above? Is there a way to ensure effective employee attendance tracking along with working hours? Thankfully, we have the technology that comes in the form of the new age HR software. Digital HRMS is one such platform that facilitates automated employee attendance tracking even when the employees are working from home.

The automated attendance tracking and management functionality of Digital HRMS allows employees to effectively punch-in and punch-out, just like they normally would in the office premises. As simple as this may sound, it can be a revolutionary step in the way enterprises manage employee attendance – the “new normal” of attendance tracking even in the post-Covid world (WFH after all is here to stay!)

Digital HRMS is the HR software that enterprises need in order to keep a tab on the attendance and working hours of the employees. When the employee logs in to the Digital HRMS platform, the first time during the day, a pop-up appears asking them to check-in. Once the employee checks in, the platform starts to record the working hours of the employee. The employee needs to log out of the system during extended breaks and then Check-In again for the working hours tracker to resume. At the end of the day, the employee needs to check-out again in order to sign off for the day.

This simple process ensures that the working hours are tracked accurately and there are no issues pertaining to automated attendance tracking or payroll calculation. What’s more, the reporting capability of Digital HRMS allows employees to extract automated detailed reports on the Check-In and Check-Out timings for the day, in order to clear confusions if any.

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