How Digital HRMS is the Solution to Challenges in Employee Management

Employee management is a domain that is solely managed by the HR department of an organization. Interestingly, employee management covers everything related to employees and their challenges and it can be a challenge for the HR department. The current scenario of remote work has only added to the challenges of the HR in enterprises across the globe.

Some of the aspects of employee management, such as attendance management and tracking employee productivity, have become much more complex ever since a major share of the global workforce have been working from home. Given below are the key challenges faced by the human resources department when it comes to employee management and interestingly enough, these are common to every enterprise today.

  • Management of leaves and leave approvals
  • Timely processing of payroll
  • Managing working hours of employees
  • Tracking productivity of employees
  • Training and skill development for the employees
  • Management of employee travel and expenses
  • Effective distribution of resources in the organization
  • Fair appraisal system based on employee performance
  • Streamlining the separation process
To find solutions to the challenges mentioned above, enterprises need to start with the automation of the HR processes through an automated HR software. Digital HRMS is an advanced HR software that is the ideal HR partner, which implies it is everything that HR teams need in order to streamline employee management. It is a modular HR software that offers dedicated modules for every HR function, which makes it the ideal platform for businesses of every size. Given below is the list of modules of Digital HRMS.

Key Highlights of Digital HRMS
  • Highly configurable modules for easy customization
  • Smart Links for approvals, without application login
  • GDPR compliant & highly secure scalable platform
  • Geofencing for automatic attendance capture
  • Multi entities & multi location feature in one application
  • Resume Parsing for automated extraction & storage of resumes
  • Dynamic workflows & role based access
  • Seamless Integration with any Time & Attendance system
  • Transparency with employee activities
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