How Digital HRMS is the Solution to Challenges of HR Data Management Today

Data is one of the biggest challenges today, as Enterprises embrace digitization in a big way. No wonder, this is the age of Big Data and data is the driving force behind the success of the newest technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced text analysis and many more. In fact, today the power to stay ahead in the highly competitive market lies with the enterprises that have mastered the art of data management and Data Analytics.

This urgent need for effective data management is a challenge for the HR department as well, because the HR department of every enterprise has the responsibility of collecting, storing and managing large volumes of employee data. What makes it more complex is the fact that HR data is highly sensitive as it consists of personal and professional details of employees in the organisation.

Common Challenges of HR Data Management
  • Lack of an effective system for data consolidation
  • Lack of access to data anytime, anywhere
  • Threats to HR data security
  • Unauthorised access to sensitive data
  • No provision to gather insights from HR data
  • No assured privacy to personal data of employees
  • Lack of awareness in terms of data security practices
  • Searching for information is time consuming
Now the question is how the HR department today can overcome the challenges mentioned above and make the best use of the data. The answer lies in the new age HR management software and Digital HRMS is an example.

Digital HRMS software is an integrated modular HR software platform with advanced data management capabilities. The HR software platform offers the following features to ensure employees get access to the data they need, without the risk of compromising with data security or data privacy.

  • Data management and Analytics
  • Central repository of all employee records for easy and quick access
  • Easy and seamless data integration with the ERP systems to save time and efforts
  • Dedicated module for employee information management that enables quick search
  • Multiple search filters find the right information quickly and effectively.
  • Auto generated runtime reports for effective HR data analysis
  • Available on cloud and mobile app for anytime anywhere access to data.
Data Security
  • Digital HRMS software has the information hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud for advanced server level data security. The information is monitored 24×7 by world-class professionals, to detect vulnerabilities if any.
  • Data encryption with 256-bit SSL encryption software, which is a high-end encryption technology used in BFSI industry, ensures end-to-end encryption to prevent unauthorized access of confidential information.
  • Implementation of strict security protocols through stringent IP and Port based restrictions with communication over SSL protocol under ISO 20001, GDPR & Country specific security standards.
  • Digital HRMS software offers disaster recovery management for important HR data with Reliable disaster recovery and continuous information flow with 99.9% cloud uptime availability. This ensures data is never lost, even in the face of a disaster.
  • Systematic backup of data with the Digital HRMS HR management software platform in multiple locations and backup updates throughout the day ensure that crucial and confidential HR data is never lost and is always updated for anytime anywhere access.
Data Privacy
  • Periodic automated data checks conducted by the HR management software to analyze old data and whether they needs to be retained.
  • Quick deletion of data from the organization database as and when required.
  • Allows employees to view their personal data that is collected and stored in the organization’s database, just by logging in to the platform.
  • Provides employees with the control to edit or delete their personal data on the platform.
  • Provides access control to data, based on the roles in the organization, which eliminates the occurrences of unauthorized access to personal information of employees.
  • Automated checks on data to identify possible vulnerabilities that minimize the possibilities of data breaches.
  • Builds trust among new hires of the company as well as the clients and associates.
  • The compliance factor helps the business stand out from the competition.
So, an advanced HR software like Digital HRMS software is all that the HR department needs today for effective data management, in addition to ensuring data security and privacy of user data.

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