How T/DG Can Help Enterprises Overcome Key Mobility Challenges

The advent of the digital era has drastically changed the way enterprises operate, and enterprises across the globe are investing in new technology to implement digitalization. One of the most significant impacts of the implementation of the latest enterprise technology, including the Cloud, is enterprise mobility. To put it another way, enterprise mobility is causing the traditional work-at-desk strategy to be gradually replaced by employees bringing their own smartphone units to work and even working on the go or remotely from their homes.

Furthermore, the epidemic has made us understand that working in a traditional office setting may not be the most productive way to work. Employees can be just as productive as or even more productive when working outside of the office or on the go, according to today's businesses.

Challenges in Implementing Enterprise Mobility 
While Enterprise Mobility is what every business needs today, businesses may have to deal with numerous challenges as they embark on their mobile journey. The following are some of the challenges.

  • Implementing the Internet of Things — The plan must be implemented across a variety of apps and devices. This necessitates scalability.
  • There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution – Understanding which enterprise mobility solution is best for your company can be difficult because every company is different.
  • Speed of innovation - Keeping up with the exponential rate of change in mobile technology can be difficult.
  • Information Security - Data loss can be a severe danger to your company's information security.
  • Putting together the right team - One of the most difficult aspects of the enterprise mobility journey is finding the suitable resource with the necessary experience.
  • Good User Interface - If your corporate app's UI/UX is inadequate, your employees will be unable to connect with it.
  • Managing Big Data - Managing such massive amounts of data effectively is one of the most difficult tasks.
How Enterprise Mobility Solutions by T/DG can Help

Enterprise Mobility Solutions from The Digital Group include strategic planning, development, design, testing, and administration of enterprise mobile applications. The following are some of our areas of expertise:

  • Choosing the most appropriate technological platforms
  • User-friendly apps are designed, developed, delivered, and maintained
  • Data collection, storage, and testing for effective enterprise mobile applications
  • Procedures for quality assurance testing
  • Errors are being reduced, and application performance is being automated
  • Enterprise data management and application security enhancement.
Why Partner with T/DG for Enterprise Mobility Solutions

T/DG offers Enterprise Mobile Solutions to assist clients in developing a comprehensive plan that encompasses employee engagement, data protection, workflow integration, and more.

  • Providing low-cost, fast Enterprise Mobility services with a security focus.
  • With extensive hands-on expertise using sales tools, big data, and social media platforms, identifying and implementing mobility use cases is a breeze.
  • Using the power of analytical data and mobile devices to boost the company's marketing strategy and human resource planning dramatically.
  • Using an integrated approach to design mobile solutions by connecting marketing, sales, and IT.
  • Identifying essential business operations in order to mobilize and priorities requirements depending on the return on investment.

Want more information on how T/DG can help you implement enterprise mobility through effective enterprise mobile solutions? Visit our website or drop us an email at
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