How to do a Search with semantic search engine and how to use semantic search software for your enterprise search?

Do you know semantic search helps your enterprise search?

Nowadays search engine technology has remarkably evolved. Since 2010 a lot of things have reformed as now identifying keywords is no longer enough and the focus has shifted to give emphasis on the intent and behavior of a search and the context behind them. This has made semantic search essential for enterprise search.

First, we have to know what semantic search is, why it matters and how we can optimize our enterprise search through it.

If you really want to do in-depth research it is a really hard task as normal keywords in google search results in random texts. Now putting algorithms can solve some of the problems, but having one to match the expectations of researchers is a hard bargain. The search engines are therefore driving towards the AI initiative.

So, what is semantic search?

The meaning or essence of something is referred to as “semantic”. A semantic search engine studies words and the logic behind them for search criteria and can transform both structured and unstructured data. It has the proper understanding of the searcher’s intent. Semantic search has the ability to excerpt answers from huge data and generates more personalized results. 

What are the elements used by the semantic search engines?

semantic search software when uses the intent of the researcher, the context of search and tries to generate abstract meanings to match the query, consistent with its content.

Vector search as well as machine learning are used by the semantic search engine to generate results that match the queries of users.

Results are ranked on the basis of meaning and put together accordingly. For understanding what a user is searching, the context of the search is vital.

An efficient semantic search engine will use the context on a personal level as well as a group level. Searcher’s previous search history and intentions can be used for personalization, while doing a group level search, results can be re-ranked using data of users’ interaction with previous search results. In this manner the semantic search software can leverage the context within the enterprise search text.

A semantic search engine aids the user to successfully completing a task by figuring out what the intent and can fetch the most relevant results. Normally the keyword searches fall short in intelligent matching, and matching on concepts even after improvising by NLP and NPU.

We can say that semantic search software brings improved intelligence to match on the concepts more than keywords by using vector search.

With the emergence of sophisticated deep learning models and the hardware to enable them, semantic search has become a powerful tool for search applications. Through a good semantic search engine any organization will edge over other competitors due to availability of relevant information. Without such an advanced search engine the random data generation can probably result in poor decision making, repeated/wasted efforts, and low productivity. 

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