Infographics Blog: Key Benefits that a Resume Data Extraction Tool Brings to Your Enterprise

What is resume parsing software and how does it work? A resume parsing tool, or a resume data extraction tool, is an artificial intelligence-powered platform that identifies and extracts relevant information from a variety of applications and presents it in an organised manner for easier reference. Using automated resume data extraction tools, recruiters may extract the most relevant details from hundreds of resumes, making their job considerably easier.

Digital Resume Parser (DRP), for example, is a powerful AI-based resume data extraction tool which serves as the one stop solution for multiple industries when it comes to resume data extraction. This data extraction tool is a T/DG product that automates the extraction of relevant information from candidate resumes, helping HR and Recruitment teams to avoid the time-consuming manual data extraction procedure. The team saves time and effort through the automation of the extraction, processing and maintenance of the resume data. The information retrieved by the Digital Resume Parser data extraction tool platform is converted to machine-readable formats like JSON and XML.

Advantages of a Resume Parsing Software

Now that we've worked out what a resume data extraction tool like Digital Resume Parser is, let's look at the primary benefits as showcased in the infographics below.

1] Boost in Efficiency

Collecting resumes with resume data extraction tools minimises the requirement for manual data entry. You won't have to keep retyping candidate details if you use an automated resume parsing platform powered by machine learning technology to do all the work for you.

You'll also save time as it eliminates the need for you to sift through resumes for hours. Instead, you'll be able to examine the resume parsing structure to determine which applicants have the relevant skillset and experience and who all do not. You'll be surprised at how much time you end up saving just by organising your data, which improves the efficiency of the process.

2] Elimination of Human Errors

Another key advantage of using AI-powered resume data extraction tool, such as Digital Resume Parser, which is a one stop solution for multiple industries, is the automation of the process of extraction and organising of the data from applicant resumes, eliminating the necessity for manual data entry. As a result, human errors are no longer a possibility. Recruitment professionals usually find it a major challenge to manually separate or segregate such data without the use of a parser.

3] Candidate Data Reference Made Easy

It might be difficult for recruitment professionals to keep track of the data from resumes and keep it all organised for easy reference when hundreds of resumes are received for a job opportunity. Your recruitment team will need an AI-powered resume data extraction tool to manage massive volumes of resume data for simple access. It is because having all of your applicant information in a single location makes comparing and selecting candidates much easier.

4] Resume Data Stored in a Database

When people submit you their resumes, you'll get them in a range of formats, with no consistency in the way they're presented. This makes it quite challenging to simplify the data. The solution is to standardise the format for storing resumes in the database by using resume parser software. This way, it becomes easy to manage large candidate pools by eliminating uncertainty.

Want to explore more on what Digital Resume Parser, a resume data extraction tool that is a one stop solution for multiple industries, offers? Explore how a powerful resume extraction tool can simplify recruitment process for your HR. Visit the website or drop us an email on and our team will help you with your queries.

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