Infographics Blog on Employee Turnover Statistics for Human Resource Department

Did you know that 25% of all employees leave the organisation within the first year of joining?

This global data by Statista indicates that employee turnover is a real challenge for enterprises today and HR departments all over the globe are directing their efforts to reduce employee turnover. There are many ways in which high rate of employee turnover can negatively impact an organisation. To begin with, process of hiring is costly and time-consuming and also too many people leaving can bring down the employee morale in the organisation. The infographics below showcases key employee turnover statistics that paint a picture of the issue of employee turnover in Enterprises today.

So, now that we have looked at the statistics, let us try to understand the primary causes of employee turnover. The reason can be as diverse as better career opportunities to a negative work environment. While the reasons are many, there are ways in which the HR department can take the right steps towards reducing employee turnover.

To begin with, the HR department should make an effort to understand and identify the concerns of the people in the organisation. Making an effort to boost employee morale can also go a long way. The new age HR software platform can help the HR department take the right steps towards creating a work environment that makes people stay.

Digital HRMS is an advanced HR software platform that has a modular structure with dedicated modules for every HR function. Given below are the key ways in which Digital HRMS can contribute towards retaining employees and motivating them to stay.

  • Employee management system that automates onboarding, making it a simple and hassle-free process for the new hires, allowing them to get familiar with their roles and responsibilities along with the organisation and its culture.
  • Performance assessment system that ensures fair appraisals and generates the data required to give recognitions to employees for their consistent efforts.
  • The LMS module is designed to facilitate online training sessions for all the employees, on the basis of the training requirements.
  • Employee self service platform that makes employees feel more in control as their dependence on the HR is significantly reduced for basic administrative tasks.
  • The platform facilitates communication, making it easy for the HR to organize employee engagement activities.
  • Effective employee attendance management system that ensures there are no discrepancies in the payroll.
  • Survey platform that allows the HR to conduct employee surveys in order to gather employee feedback and becoming aware of their issues.
So, that was about some key employee turnover statistics you should know. Want to discover more about how the Digital HRMS HR software platform can help your HR team restrict employee turnover and boost retention?

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