Infographics Blog on Key Mistakes HR Should Avoid During Remote Work

Remote work is here to stay and today employees all over the world are working remotely. Statistics indicate that remote work has benefited enterprises as well as the employees in many ways, which means there are enough reasons to consider it as the "new normal". However, one cannot deny that remote work is different from the traditional way of working, and this is something that the HR as well as the employees should take into account. After all, a different scenario calls for a change in approach in order to get the best results.

Knowledge about the most common mistakes to avoid can go a long way in helping you to start in the right direction. Here we shall look into the common mistakes that the HR can avoid during the times of remote work through the infographics below.

The points listed in the infographics above are pretty common and can be easily overlooked. If these are the challenges of your HR team, then you need an automated HR software.

Digital HRMS is an automated HR software platform that enables HR teams to streamline every aspect of employee management. The advanced HR software platform offers dedicated modules for every HR function, which means the HR department can automate the entire range of HR functions with ease. This enables the HR to focus on the core functionalities and come up with strategies to help the organisation get the most out of the remote work phase. Here's how the Digital HRMS HR Software platform can help the HR department prevent the mistakes during remote work.

1] Facilitates Collaboration and Communication

Digital HRMS is an automated HR software that serves as a single platform for employees to communicate and stay connected. The chat feature allows employees to communicate through the advanced HR Software platform for real-time communication. In addition to this, it also allows the HR to announce important events and other announcements on the platform itself, so that no one misses out on key information. This way, even the employees in remote parts of the globe can stay connected.

2] Allows Seamless Time and Task Tracking

The time and task tracking functionality of Digital HRMS, through the Timeport module, allows employees to enter work logs of the tasks done, on a daily or weekly basis. This way, the manager as well as the management are aware of the progress made in projects and the contribution of each employee , all this just by logging in to the HR software platform. This also aids in project management and facilitates faster completions.

3] Prevents Employee Burnout

Employee burnout is one of the negative impacts of remote work because of the blurring of boundaries between work hours and family time. The Digital HRMS HR software platform allows employees to login the work hours and logout for breaks in between, just as they did in the office premises. This inspires them to take breaks without feeling guilty and ensures employees are productive without feeling even the least overworked.

4] Ensures Recognition of Employee Contributions
Remote work can sometimes lead to a few employees going unnoticed. An HR software platform like Digital HRMS offers an advanced performance management system that keeps such risks at bay. It helps the HR team ensure that every employee gets a fair appraisal, even in times of remote work.

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