Key Features Your Text Analysis Engine Must Have for Advanced Data Mining

In the current scenario, when businesses are struggling to make sense of massive amounts of data, an advanced text analysis engine that makes it simple for businesses to analyse the data and generate insights from it is critical. Corporate data remained untapped even a few years ago, when the standard keyword-based technique was the only way to evaluate data, and there was no way of knowing what was contained within the depths of enterprise data. The reason for this is that the data comes from a variety of sources and is in a variety of forms, making it practically unfeasible to analyse using the technique based on keyword search that was designed for just optimised and structured data.

The text analysis engine, on the other hand, revolutionised everything since it was driven by the most modern text analysis technology, which eased the analysis of even the most complex enterprise data. 3RDi Search is an example of a powerful text analysis engine powered by AI, NLP and Machine Learning technology. Here we shall have a look at the must-have features for your text analysis engine that are essential for the next level of processing and analyzing the most complex unstructured enterprise data.

1] Powered by Technology

Since enterprise search can be complex, it's critical that the text analysis engine be powered by the most powerful technology available. 3RDi Search, for example, is a text mining software based on Solr, a well-known search engine. Furthermore, technology principles such as natural language processing (NLP), semantic search, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning, when combined, enable new age text analysis engines such as 3RDi Search to handle the complicated search requirements of modern businesses.

2] Advanced Text Mining Features

The range of features provided by the new age text analysis engine is the first thing to examine when picking a corporate search engine. It helps to understand that enterprise search is a fairly difficult process that involves analysing massive volumes of unstructured and raw data. To deal with this, you'll need a robust text mining software with advanced text mining capabilities.

a] Semantic Search & Analysis

Semantic Search and Analysis Capabilities, one of the most important elements of a text analysis engine, allow the 3RDi Enterprise search platform to deliver an intricate method to search that is based on the meaning of the query and its context. Semantic search enables the platform to understand the context of a user's query and then fetch the most relevant results. Advanced algorithms recognise the intent of each query and interpret the results accordingly, making semantic search and analysis possible.

b] Text Analysis, NLP and Semantic Enrichment

The text analysis engine combines a number of data sources, data kinds, structured, semi-structured, and unstructured content, such as text, images, and videos, to build a more user-friendly human-computer interface that can convert Natural Language into computer language and vice versa. It examines grammar and language accuracy in a word processing file. In other words, the text analysis engine can read Human Language with no errors and represent content in various ways that include charts, HTML tables, maps, etc.

c] Search Analytics

You can analyse, visualise, and communicate data using the 3RDi Search text analysis engine. It's a BI and data analysis tool for enterprises. The corporate search engine's search analytics capabilities brings together analytics from across your company in one place, allowing you to find new insights and follow their effects. By getting access to the proper data, you can improve the productivity, better serve customers, and enhance revenue.

d] Content Integration

All enterprise data from different origins is available on a single platform, thanks to 3RDi Search's content integration solution. The convenience with which you can manage and analyse this data will amaze you. To ensure a smooth data flow, the 3RDi Search Content Integration Platform guarantees that your new data systems function in concert with your existing data systems.

e] Relevancy Management

To extract statistically meaningful words from unstructured data, use the 3RDi Relevancy Management tool. The type of information being reviewed determines the utility of a business search engine's relevance management feature. The Relevancy Management tool extracts terms that are relevant to the topic at hand. It is a dynamic tool that facilitates in the definition, measurement, improvement, and management of essential organisational processes' information distribution.

3] Integrations with Key Platforms

As enterprise search requirements get more complex, smooth interfaces with numerous platforms are becoming increasingly important. The goal is to widen the platform's breadth and cater to the enterprise's many needs on a unified platform, eliminating the need for different logins.

For example, 3RDi Search is a text analysis engine that integrates smoothly with DBPedia, Hadoop, Talend, Node JS, Yago, and many more platforms.

Wondering how you can leverage the power of an advanced text analysis engine? You need a powerful platform like 3RDi Search that is powered by semantics technology and AI. Visit or drop us an email at and our team will get in touch with you to help you get started on your journey of adding more value and meaning to the experience of the user with every interaction with the text mining software.

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