Recruitment with Digital HRMS: Explore a Platform to Overcome the Challenges of Finding the Best Talent

Hiring can be difficult for businesses these days, with so much competition for the best talent. One of the main causes for this is the employment market's ever-changing characteristics, combined with the fact that truly skilled people are very few. Enterprises require a strategy to overcome the frequent recruitment challenges in order to obtain an advantage in the hunt for the best personnel.
  • Catching the attention of qualified candidates
  • Keeping a record of the interview process of candidates
  • No process to track resource requisitions
  • Need for streamlining the process for candidate selection
  • Analysis of candidate data for insights
  • Manual data entry of sourced candidate details
Overcoming Recruitment Challenges with Digital HRMS
While there are multiple challenges that the HR team faces when it comes to finding, connecting with and hiring top talent, a new generation HR software is the solution your HR team needs. An advanced HR software like Digital HRMS offers a dedicated recruitment management system to take care of the multi-faceted requirements of every organization. The following are the key features of the Digital HRMS Recruitment module:
  • Creation, approval and allocation of RRS
  • Provision for candidate referral on the recruitment management system
  • Editing, adding & deleting job postings in a few clicks
  • Provision for Admin to define questions for interviews
  • Easy monitoring of candidate and interview status
  • Provision for candidate shortlisting by recruiters and managers
  • Tracking shortlisted candidates on the recruitment management system for further interview
  • Resume bank for future reference
  • External & Internal Job Posting 
  • Automated resume parsing on the recruitment management system itself
  • Streamlined pre-onboarding through candidate log in
  • Provision for scheduling Interviews on multiple meeting platforms through the recruitment management system
  • Multi-entities & multi-locations in one application
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant recruitment management system
  • On-Cloud (Azure), on-premise & mobile application (Android & iOS)
  • Multi-Level graphical dashboards
Automated Bulk Resume Parsing with Digital HRMS
An automated resume parsing platform like the one that the Digital HRMS recruitment management system offers, brings a wide set of features to help your recruitment teams to extract the most relevant data from hundreds of resumes in one go. Given below are some of the key features of the Resume Parsing platform offered by the Digital HRMS HR software, powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Key Features:
  • Consistently reliable information extraction
  • Support for a variety of resume forms, including standard and emerging resume designs
  • A summary of each résumé, including the candidate's abilities, qualifications, personal, organisational, and other relevant information
  • Support for multiple input formats as well as an industry standard output format
  • REST API built-in enabling easy integration with existing and new systems
  • NLP and Semantic Analysis technology used in the resume parsing platform enable the extraction of exact data in seconds
  • Industry-standard security mechanisms to protect user data
  • Easily adaptable to your individual needs and specifications
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