Scheduling Meetings with Digital HRMS: Exploring Functions of Conference Room Booking System

Meetings are a significant part of the average workday of professionals today. It's important to conduct meetings in order to brainstorm on important ideas and concepts and come up with solutions that work. When people are working as a team, meetings are a necessity.

A study by The Muse has brought forth the fact that at least 15% of an organisation's time is spent on meetings alone.

Now, that's a significant amount of time in itself, and add to that the time required for preparation and deciding on the venue of the meeting, and the number of hours just keep increasing. However, meetings cannot be done away with and so the solution is to reduce the additional time involved in the follow-up to the meeting.

It has been observed that with so many different teams in organisations today and hundreds of employees, finding a venue for a meeting can be often challenging. Very often it happens that conference rooms are not available and this is the reason meetings have to be cancelled. The solution to this is an online platform that makes it easy to manage conference room bookings for the entire organisation.

The Digital HRMS conference room booking module is what enterprises need to streamline the bookings of meeting rooms. The module allows employees to view the list of available conference rooms in the premises. There is also the provision for the employees to view the list of conference rooms available, along with the infrastructure or equipment available in each one of them. This allows the employees to choose a room with the equipment and infrastructure they would require. Also, the admin can view the list of bookings by all the employees in the organisation, along with the respective status as to whether the meeting booking is still active or has already been conducted or cancelled. The employees can also view the list of bookings they have made.

The following are the key features of the Conference Room Booking module of Digital HRMS.

  • Provision for registering the conference rooms and what’s available in each.
  • Option to book conference rooms on a daily/weekly basis, or on custom dates.
  • Provision to book a room as per the equipment required.
  • Provision to book online meetings on MS Teams or GoTo Meetings
  • Option to add attendees as Required & Optional
  • Auto generated emails sent to the Outlook inboxes of all the attendees after conference room is booked.
  • The user can view the details of the bookings made, as well as a list of bookings made by others in the organization.

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