The New Approach to HR Processes with HR Software

Digitalization Is the way to go for enterprises today, with enterprises across the globe investing in technology. The process of digitalization is not just limited to few operations, but the entire organisation and across departments. Talking about the HR department, we have the new age HR software that is designed to automate every HR function seamlessly, bringing multiple benefits to the table. Increased HR efficiency and productivity is just one of the many benefits of investing in an HR software. Here we shall look at the key benefits of using Digital HRMS, an advanced HR software platform, in terms of the key HR functions.

Leave and attendance

Digital HRMS is your ideal HR partner when it comes to tracking working hours, requests for regularization of attendance and work from home requests, along with defining the optional holidays for employees.

  • Seamless integration with the existing Access Control System
  • Easy Attendance Regularization and Work from Home requests
  • Option to set up leave types as per company policy
  • Flexible Shift Management and leave credit rules
  • Customizable & comprehensive leave & attendance reports
  • Leave details and leave calendar visible on the Digital HRMS dashboard


An advanced human resource management system, Digital HRMS supports RRS creation, approval, and allocation.

  • Creation, approval and allocation of RRS
  • Provision for existing employees to refer candidates
  • Editing, adding & deleting job postings in a few clicks
  • Provision for Admin to use a question builder to define questions to be asked in interviews
  • Easy monitoring of candidate and interview status
  • Provision for shortlisting of candidates by recruiters and managers

Performance Assessment

Digital HRMS is an advanced HR software that offers a unique module for Performance Assessment, which allows employees to rate their performance based on various parameters.

  • A unique self-assessment form for performance appraisal
  • erformance based on average score for different competencies
  • Modifiable appraisal cycles, rating scales, competencies, KRAs & goals
  • Smooth transition from appraisal/confirmation initiation to closure
  • Easy-to-explore confirmation status – approved, extended, pending or submitted
  • Seamless shift from confirmation initiation to closure

Online Training

The Digital HRMS HR software platform allows the Training department to gather the employee training requirements, get them prioritized by the managers, allocate online training sessions to the employees and schedule classroom training sessions with ease.

  • Initiating employee satisfaction survey
  • Provision for employees to voice their training requirements and for the managers to prioritize them
  • Employees can take online trainings on the platform, at their convenient pace and time
  • Graphical representation of training goals for easy tracking
  • Provision for managers to raise ad-hoc training requests
  • Provision to track status of training nomination requests at a glance

Separation Management

Digital HRMS allows the employees of your organization to enjoy a stress-free way of recording or pulling back his/her resignation.

  • Stress-free resignation recording/pullback process
  • Customizable exit interview surveys
  • Quick exit interview scheduling and feedback review
  • Employee deactivation at the click of a button
  • Dynamic workflows
  • Temporary disablement/enablement of employees

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