The Smartphone Brings You a Smart Way to Consult a Doctor

The smartphone is perhaps one of the most powerful devices in the history of mankind. Today, if we have a smartphone in our hands, life becomes easier than we could have ever imagined, as everything is available at our fingertips! We have apps for shopping and ordering food, as well as apps for helping us find restaurants with our favourite food. This convenience offered by mobile apps has also transcended to the healthcare domain, with health apps that help you track your fitness routine or remind you to take meds on time. The smartphone indeed holds numerous possibilities when it comes to revolutionizing the way we approach healthcare, and what we see now is only the beginning.

For starters, you shall soon see health apps that can perform complex diagnosis, including diagnosis of cancer, and even help patients monitor blood sugar levels with ease. Sounds too far-fetched? Well, we already have health apps that can track patient’s heart and pulse rates on mobile! Want to see a doctor for a health issue? The smartphone can help you connect with a doctor too, and it’s easy as connecting with a friend. This is termed as remote doctor consultation and in this blog, we shall be focusing on the way smartphones help us reach out and connect with expert doctors like we could never imagine before.

Why the Need for Remote Doctor Consultation?

One thing we cannot deny is the fact that brick and mortar healthcare centers are the building blocks of a community’s health. However, there are certain limitations when it comes to accessing these healthcare centers. The following are some of the challenges people usually face when visiting one of these centers for consultation with a doctor.

  1. Good healthcare infrastructure is not available in remote areas, including the countryside and some villages.
  2. The visiting hours for a particular doctor might not be the convenient for an individual, especially if he/she is working for fixed hours every day.
  3. Specialists of every field of medicine is not available in every healthcare center, which creates the need for patients to travel to nearby towns or even to a faraway city.
  4. Due to limited visiting hours and more people visiting a center, patients are sometimes required to wait for long hours to get access to good medical consultation. This can create a very difficult situation for a patient who is critically ill.
  5. Patients with infectious diseases can spread the infection to other people during the long hours spent at the doctor’s waiting room.
How the Smartphone & Smart Devices Can be a Game Changer


The smartphone is the game changer because it has introduced the concept of remote doctor consultation to the world of healthcare. A health app like PulseRx, which enables remote doctor consultation via a smartphone, has opened the doors to an all new way to see a doctor. An app like PulseRx makes it possible for doctors and patients to interact like never before – on an app. What’s more, it even makes it possible for the patient to request prescriptions and health reports on the app. In other words, the patient can seek expert medical advice without having to travel to meet a doctor or wait long hours for an appointment. Here we shall look into the biggest benefits of using a smartphone to connect with doctors.

1] Best Healthcare Benefits to One and All
With a health app that enables one to connect with doctors anywhere in the world, there are no restrictions of location boundaries. This means even the people residing in the most remote locations can have access to the most advanced healthcare.

2] Eliminates the Need for Self-Diagnosis
Self-diagnosis can be dangerous and we all are aware of the potential health risks of looking up for symptoms on the Internet to diagnose a health issue. However, a surprisingly large number of people still practice self-diagnosis, because setting up an appointment can be a time-consuming and a lengthy process. Remote consultation solves this problem as it makes expert consultation available at your fingertips.

3] Helps Save Money and Time
With remote consultation, the need to travel to long distances to see a doctor is eliminated, as well as the long hours spent in the waiting room. This can be boon for patients as it helps them save on money and time. Also, the fees for an online consultation is comparatively lesser than an in-person visit to the doctor’s clinic.

4] Availability of Prescriptions Online
A health app that supports remote doctor consultation also allows the doctor to send prescriptions to patients online. Except very few classes of drugs that cannot be prescribed online, your doctor can send you a detailed prescription of the medications as well as the dosage.

5] Technology Aids in Effective Diagnosis
When you are at a clinic, the doctor examines you to make the correct diagnosis. When you are using a smartphone to see a doctor, technology works to ensure there is no gap in the diagnosis process. Medical apps support video diagnosis, so that doctors can examine the patient closely before identifying a health concern.
The Conclusion:
Remote doctor consultation and diagnosis are just few of the many possibilities that smartphones have introduced to the world of healthcare, through mobile health apps. These apps also allow patients to save health records for easy 24x7 access, and even generate graphical reports for easy analysis. The future will only witness huge advancements in this domain and there will soon be a time when our smartphones will even act as our personal doctors!

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