Time Tracking with Digital HRMS: Key Benefits of Employee Productivity Management Platform

Productivity is one of the key factors behind the performance of an employee, and enterprises have always looked for ways to measure employee productivity effectively. However, managing the productivity of hundreds of employees through a manual paper-based system using spreadsheets is not a wise thing to do, because of the time and efforts required, as well as the chances of errors. Also, there are many adverse effects of not having an effective productivity management approach.

The solution to the many challenges of employee productivity management is an automated time tracking platform for the employees. Digital HRMS is one such HR software and it offers an intelligently designed time tracking platform that makes employee productivity management easier than ever. The 
time tracking platform of the Digital HRMS HR software allows employees to enter work logs on daily or weekly basis and offers multiple features for easy and simple way to keep track of time spent on tasks by the employees. Here are the key benefits offered by time tracking platforms like Digital HRMS.

1] Keeping Track of the Time Spent by the Resources

This is by far the biggest advantage that a time tracking platform brings. Very often it happens that resources in a team end up spending time on tasks that are not on priority. This may lead to delay in delivery of priority tasks. In such a scenario, a time tracking platform keeps the entire team in the loop about the tasks to focus on and allows the manager to ensure everyone is on the same page and working on the priority tasks.

2] Provides the Insights Required for Estimation

Estimation can be the determining factor behind the success or failure of a project, depending on the level of accuracy of the estimation provided. Hence, it is important that the estimation is accurate in terms of time required and the costs involved. The time tracking platform of 
the Digital HRMS HR software platform helps you get the correct estimate in terms of the time required for each task.

3] Transparency in Billing to the Client

Billing of resources can be tricky, especially if there has been less extension in the stipulated number of working hours. Clients can be hard to convince to pay more unless there is documented evidence that the team was required to put in extra hours to get the project completed on time. This is where a timesheet platform can come to the rescue, as every detail of the tasks are recorded on the platform for quick reference and even report generation as and when required.

4] Motivation to the Team

When there is a time tracking tool to record the tasks of the individuals, everyone in the team is motivated to be more disciplined and to complete the tasks on time. This can be a huge factor for employee motivation, as they will be aware of the fact that the tasks are being tracked and monitored. It will push them to give their best performance ever and also keep them from diverting their focus from the goal.

5] A Great Aid for Effective Project Planning

One of the key advantages of a time tracking platform is the access to insights that it provides about the various factors that affect the completion of a project on time. The information that a time tracking tool like Digital HRMS can provide is what can help project managers plan well in advance to complete the project and at the same time, meet the highest quality standards defined for the project.

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