Top PHP Development Trends in 2021

What is PHP? To put it in simple words, PHP is a general purpose scripting language that was conceptualized with the purpose of web development and it has been around since 1994. So, it has been over two decades since the world was introduced to PHP, and even today PHP is one of the most widely used scripting languages for web development. However, there are developers in the domain of website development who choose to argue that PHP, as we see it today, is outdated and requires major improvements in order to stand against other programming languages. On the other hand, developers who choose to work with PHP insist that the scripting language still has what it takes to create successful web platforms, and it also offers exclusive benefits, including the following.

  • It's an open source language and so the PHP interpreter can be easily deployed on most web servers as well as on every OS absolutely free. This makes it a great tool for beginners.
  • PHP is a simple language and so it simplifies the process of web development.
  • PHP is a rapid language that is highly versatile and integrates with all major platforms.

Now that you have looked into the benefits of PHP, let us have a quick look at the key trends to look for when it comes to PHP and web development in 2021 and possibly even beyond.

1] Websites with push notifications

We all have witnessed how mobile apps today generate push notifications to engage their users and provide real-time updates. Thanks to PHP, this feature, which was earlier exclusive to mobile apps alone, is increasingly being implemented on websites to add to the user experience and increasing user engagement on the website. This technology is still at its nascent stage and 2021 will hopefully explore new possibilities with this technology.

2] Augmented reality and virtual reality

Have you experienced the 'live animals' feature introduced by Google that made a clever use of Augmented reality to bring a long list of wild animals to your living room? The possibilities of Augmented reality as well as virtual reality are practically endless and the near future of PHP and web development will be all about making the best use of these technologies to create magic on the web.

3] Chatbots powered by AI

Well, if you browse the Internet today, you see that most websites have a chat window that attempts to start a conversation with you, making it easy for you to get assistance in finding the information that you are looking for. These virtual assistants are nothing but AI-powered chatbots and because of their positive impact on customer engagement, they will be a trend to look for in 2021 as well.

4] Optimisation of voice search

We are moving towards an era that is all about machines understanding human speech and voice commands. We already see that happening with digital voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The near future will be all about increased scope for voice search to be introduced on the web platform to great results.

So, that was about some of the trends to look for in the field of web development with PHP. What has been your experience working with PHP and which are two possibilities for PHP that you are eagerly looking forward to? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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Sachin Patil is the Team Lead (Web Development) at The Digital Group with close to 14 years of experience in multiple domains, including core PHP and opensource PHP frameworks such as Joomla, WordPress and CodeIgnitor. Driven towards coming up with innovative ideas to contribute towards the success of the team, Sachin always looks forward to working on challenging projects.
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  • TaffInc June 11, 2021, 1:11 am
    I do web development and this blog is very insightful. Thanks for sharing
  • Tom Hardy March 2, 2021, 8:54 am
    Awesome article, keep sharing! PHP is a renowned platform to develop advanced and productive web solutions. The trends for technologies keep on changing so the PHP web development trends also transform over time.