Travel Management with Digital HRMS: Simplifying the Responsibilities of the Corporate Travel Manager

When we think of an HR management software, we tend to associate it with the HR department alone. However, the benefits to the HR are just one side of the broader set of benefits that a comprehensive HR management system brings to an organisation. The HRMS systems that we have today offer so many functionalities that the entire organisation stands to benefit from them. So, right from the employee to the manager, accounts personnel, recruiters, admin, employee training and development team as well as the travel management team can benefit from the platform that simplifies the tasks through seamless automation and elimination of errors.

Here we shall have a look at how the Digital HRMS platform, an advanced HR management platform developed by the Digital Group, helps in simplifying the responsibilities of the corporate travel manager.

Ideal Responsibilities of a Corporate Travel Manager

The corporate travel manager is the person who is responsible for managing employee Travels in the organisation. The ideal responsibilities of a travel manager are as given below.

  • Working closely with the Global operations team to plan the travel requirements of the employees in the organisation.
  • Coordinating with travel providers to make necessary travel arrangements.
  • Identifying The most reliable provider for travel insurance.
  • Helping the various departments in the organisation prepare their travel budgets.
  • Analysing the travel requests raised by the employees and/or the departments.
  • Gathering travel information to streamline the process and reduce the travel expenses.
  • Prepare and edit the travel policy and ensure its compliance by the employees.
  • Create reports on the various aspects of travel, such as travel expenses incurred by the employees throughout the year as and when required.
  • Co-ordinate with the accounts department for the expenses on business travel.
  • Identify opportunities to save costs on travel bookings by presenting alternatives to the Employees.

So, basically the role of the travel manager is overseeing every aspect of travel management in the organisation. Digital HRMS is an HR software platform that offers dedicated modules for multiple functionalities and it is the travel management module of Digital HRMS that simplifies the tasks of the corporate travel manager through seamless automation.

To begin with, the travel management module of Digital HRMS allows the travel department to automate every step of the process, right from when the employees raise the request till the time the request is approved. This makes it easy for the corporate travel manager to manage the travel requests of all the employees in the organisation in a streamlined manner. It saves the time and efforts of the travel manager and makes it easy to co-ordinate with all the other teams in the organisation.

In other words, a platform like Digital HRMS is what the corporate travel manager of an organisation needs in order to fulfil all the roles and responsibilities meant for him. The following are some of the key features of the travel management module of Digital HRMS.

  • Provision for employees to raise travel requests on the platform.
  • Transparent monitoring of travel requests with ease.
  • Quick sorting of existing requests.
  • Provision to define travel type, purpose and date.
  • Provision to view a list of raised travel requests and their status.
  • Provision to raise requests for the team.
  • Quick and detailed reports on the travel requests of employees.

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