Types of Enterprise Mobility Solutions Businesses Need

The growing use of smartphones and different cellular gadgets has revolutionized the way human beings feature in their day to day life. In fact, the impact of cellphones has been such that nowadays most of the things that we do are influenced by technology and mobile apps in one way or the other. When it comes to the workplace, the ordinary work-at-the-desk approach is slowly is slowly changing as employees bring in their very own smartphone units to the enterprises and even work on the go or remotely from their homes.

61% of personnel in the US are reportedly working from the backyard for at least some time each week.

Organisations nowadays are realising the positive impact of mobility options on resource productiveness and user experience, among other benefits. There are a couple of advantages that enterprise mobility solutions offer and some of these are cited below.

Benefits of Enterprise Mobility Solutions

  1. Enhanced degrees of information security applied due to the fact that multiple devices are connected to the network.
  2. Increased degrees of resource productiveness as they are no longer required to be within the workplace premises to get the work done.
  3. Boost in efficiency due to the elimination of pointless extensions in workflow and enterprise operations.
  4. Access to the advantages of switching to the Cloud, as the Cloud is crucial for implementation of enterprise mobility solutions.
  5. Significant savings for the business in terms of money and time.
  6. Elimination of forms and the need to spend a fortune on physical storage space.
  7. Easy access to information and content material and facts on the go, as and when required.
  8. Boost in employee morale as resources get the freedom to use their personal devices and work from any location.

The advantages are many, however what precisely is enterprise mobility solutions all about? Here are the most common types of enterprise mobility solutions.

1] Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management or MDM is all about the administration of mobile devices of all kinds, inclusive of laptops and tablets. The cause is to allow organizations to find solutions to challenges when imposing business enterprise mobility, through environment friendly administration of all mobile devices from a single point.

2] Mobile Application Management [MAM]

Mobile Application Management or MAM is all about managing and controlling the access to enterprise mobile apps, including the commercially available ones as well as the ones developed inhouse. These are the applications necessary for seamless implementation of enterprise mobility. This offers control at the application level, which allows the enterprise to boost security of application data.

3] Mobile Content Management [MCM]

Mobile Content Management or MCM is all about managing the content or material or key information about the organization. Also referred to as Mobile Information Management (MIM), it provides a secure access to corporate resources in a way that there are stringent safety measures to stop compromise of records even if it is being accessed from a range of gadgets and from unique locations.

4] Mobile Email Management (MEM)

Mobile Email Management or MEM is all about enterprise mobility solutions that assist companies to strengthen and implement complete protection measures for all the company accounts, to forestall hacks and attacks. It permits the admin of the corporation to figure out which units shall be given the permission to get access to emails, enforce encryption of private and sensitive information, and whether or not resources will be given the permission to sync their emails from any gadget and the usage of any network.

So, that was about the significance of enterprise mobility solutions and the options available for enterprises today when it comes to implementation of mobility solutions. Want more information on how T/DG can help you implement enterprise mobility? Visit our website or drop us am email at tdg-marketing@thedigitalgroup.com.

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