Understanding Location Awareness in Mobile Apps Today

What is location awareness all about? Mobile applications can employ location awareness to give users with location-specific services and information, trigger notifications when other devices enter or depart a defined region, and adapt the user interface to their physical activity, such as walking, climbing stairs, cycling, etc.

The ability of a device to actively or passively determine its location in terms of coordinates with respect to a point of reference is referred to as location awareness. The position can be determined using a variety of sensors or navigational instruments. Location awareness technology is used in a variety of mobile applications, including emergency response, navigation, asset tracking, and ground surveying.

Location Awareness Technology in Mobile Devices
The idea behind location-based app performance is the use of geographical data about devices used by customers. For location-aware mobile applications, any device with a GPS chip or a Wi-Fi connection is visible. Smartwatches and other wearables can all be used for this. In devices with location context awareness, a variety of location technologies and sensor types can be used.

Wireless Geo
Wireless Geo refers to the wireless techniques that are used to determine the device's actual location. The underlying wireless locating engines give actual physical position rather than geographic coordination in this manner. Cell ID (CID) is an example of a unique number used to identify each mobile/smartphone. The cell tower, CID, and location area code are used to identify the mobile phone in the CID-based process.

The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) is a global positioning and navigation system made up of a network of satellites that transmits signals throughout the world. GNSS is suited for outdoor use, with good coverage and accuracy all around the world.

Sensors can be used to improve the precision of determining a device's location. Sensors can also be utilized on their own if no other options are available.
It's important to note that location-awareness technology doesn't always necessitate the usage of GPS or other satellite-based solutions. Wi-Fi access points, GMS, and other mobile networks can be used to track a connection with potential clients.

Significance of Location Awareness in Mobile Apps
There are multiple ways in which location awareness technology brings advantage to a mobile app and given below are the key advantages.

  • Higher return on investment as more users continue using the app
  • More personalized user experience made possible which adds to the users’ convenience
  • Increased brand awareness as people spread the word about the app
  • Access to key data that can be analyzed to further personalize the users’ experience and interaction with the app
  • Opportunity for the user to get familiar with a new location
Location awareness can be a great addition to the mobile app features in the new age mobile apps that we have today, across the different app categories. While navigation apps are the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the applications of location awareness, the fact is that all kinds of apps can add to the user experience with location awareness, and you find it in several apps today. PulseRx is an example of a healthcare app that uses location awareness to help the users find the nearest doctors and healthcare centres even if they are in a new city or even in another part of the globe.

PulseRx is a personalized medical app that allows you to enter and manage medical reports, seek remote doctor consultation, and check medications and other information all in one place. All of this data is at your fingertips at the convenience of your mobile device. You can register as a patient or a doctor on the app. You may also use this app to enroll your family and friends as patients so that you can keep track of their health data for future reference.

Users can now access physical services within walking distance just as easily as we can find any service or product offered on the internet. Location awareness systems will become increasingly effective at predicting what we would like to know about in the geographical space around us as these tools offer greater amounts of data about the environment through which we move, providing a layer of knowledge superimposed on the physical world that can be accessed for information and convenience.

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