Understanding the Impact of Time Tracking Platform on Your Enterprise

Let’s have a look at some statistics:
  • 80% of timesheets have to be corrected
  • One in three timekeeping methods are outdated
The above statistics by Wagepoint clearly indicate that timekeeping is a cause of concern in many enterprises across the globe today. This data is from the pre-Covid era, and it is easy to assume how the challenge of timekeeping is likely to have grown manifold after the workforce moved to a remote work model!

In addition to the fact that employees are now working from home, the following are the general challenges that enterprises face when it comes to time tracking and managing employee productivity.

  • Inadequate use of resources
  • Need for effective time management
  • Regular monitoring of where the resources are focusing their efforts
  • Need for work logs to be recorded and maintained in a systematic manner
  • Lack of documentation of task status for invoicing
  • Ineffective tracking of resource schedules
  • Lack of metrics for measuring employee performance
How a Time Tracking Platform Can Make a Difference
The challenges that we have looked at are all about using a manual/paper-based approach to timekeeping, such as registers or spreadsheets. Such an approach is no more relevant in the new age enterprise, and practically obsolete when considered for employees working remotely.

What enterprises need today is an automated employee time tracking platform that streamlines the entire process and makes it faster, more efficient and error free. Digital HRMS is an example of an automated time tracking platform that can help your enterprise in effective employee productivity management. Here we shall have a look at the impact of a powerful time tracking platform and its impact on the way your enterprise looks at employee productivity management.

1] Your Employees Become More Productive
There are misconceptions about how a time tracking platform can lead to micromanagement of employees, which in turn affects creativity and innovative ideas. The truth is that if used correctly, a time tracking platform can do wonders to employee productivity management as it makes easy for your employees to focus on tasks and also keep track on the progress made over a period of time. This will give you a team of productive and efficient employees who are aware of how they are utilizing their time.

2] No More Employee Burnouts
Employee burnout is a very common issue and a powerful employee time tracking platform can help you keep a check on that. Sometimes, one employee ends up with a lot more on their plate than they can comfortably manage, sometimes because of their nature to help others, and at other times, it’s because they have a specific skillset. This can lead to the employee working overtime to make up for it, which is not encouraged. A time tracking platform helps because it enables the Team Lead or Manager to monitor the working hours of each employee closely and look for frequent overtimes.

3] You Get Access to Data for Accurate Time Management
Many a time, the task that is assigned to the team members are not the only thing taking up their time. There are often the “hidden” tasks that also take up a significant amount of time. Some examples are calls with the clients, meetings, documentation, etc. When your team uses an automated time tracking platform like Digital HRMS, it becomes possible to track the things that take up time and account for them when setting deadlines or committing to deliver a project.

4] Your Client Billings Become More Transparent
One of the significant ways in which an employee time tracking platform like Digital HRMS makes your life easier is by bringing in the element of transparency to client billings. When you have all the tasks recorded systematically on a platform, it becomes easier to explain to the client about the efforts put in by your team. Also, the reporting feature offered by Digital HRMS ensures that you can generate automated reports in real time for your clients’ reference.

5] You Have a Bunch of Motivated Employees
Last but not the least, an employee time tracking platform eliminates the need for managers to keep a tab on the whereabouts of the employees round the clock, which puts an end to micromanagement and leads to a boost in employee morale. Also, the ability to keep track of the time spent on different tasks motivates employees to strive harder and achieve more.

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