Why a Cross Platform Test Automation Platform is What Your QA Team Needs

The proliferation of many devices and multiple versions of device operating systems has complicated the software development process, as well as software testing. To guarantee that an application is suitable for market release, the QA team must test it across a variety of devices and operating systems, which can be difficult due to the time and effort necessary. We'll look at some of the frequent roadblocks that QA professionals experience when it comes to testing applications across numerous platforms.

  • Multiple device testing necessitates more time and effort.
  • Every platform calls for the creation of test scripts.
  • There's a likelihood of delays and a longer time to market.
  • Rise in total costs.
  • When testing on a big scale, there is a risk of errors.
  • Inability to write test scripts due to a lack of skilled resources.
A cross platform test automation tool is the answer to all of the above problems. What is a cross platform test automation tool? 

In today's mobile environment, businesses must be available across all browsers, platforms, and devices. As a result, comprehensive test automation programmes must work with a variety of browsers and platforms. The cross platform test automation tool was created with the goal of reducing testing efforts and expanding test automation coverage. This functionality ensures that the application's end-to-end testing may be done on a variety of browsers and platforms.

QARA Enterprise is an example of a cross platform test automation tool that allows you to run tests across numerous browsers and devices. The cross-browser, cross platform testing features of QARA Enterprise were designed with the purpose of lowering testing time and increasing test automation coverage. Well, an automation testing solution with cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility is exactly what the QA team requires to overcome the aforementioned obstacles and speed up the testing process.

Key Features of QARA Cross Platform Test Automation Tool
The features of the QARA Enterprise cross-platform testing tool are listed below.

Multi-browser support
You may test all popular browsers, from an outdated version of Internet Explorer to upgraded versions of Chrome, Firefox, Phantom, and Safari.

Multi-platform support
QARA Enterprise is a comprehensive solution for testing apps across several platforms, including Web, Windows, Mobile, and Angular JS.

Multi-device support
Desktops, tablets, and phones can all be used to run test programs.

BrowserStack and Sauce Labs integration
Users with appropriate credentials can test applications against numerous operating systems and browsers via the QARA Enterprise User Interface thanks to the integration with BrowserStack and Sauce Labs.

Want to witness what makes QARA Enterprise the complete cross platform test automation tool your QA team will ever need? Visit www.qaratest.com or drop an email on info@qaratest.com and our team will get in touch with you.

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