5 HR Experts on the Emerging Trends in Human Resources

In today's times, technology is driving business operations like never before and advancement in technology is transforming the way businesses operate. Every business today is moving towards digitalization and is investing in the technology required in order to automate the business process in every department across the organisation. This approach is resulting in a boost in efficiency and productivity, among other benefits and is emerging as a win-win solution for the organisation as well as the employees.

The Human Resource Department is also witness to the benefits of digitalization and the future holds many more possibilities. Here we shall look at the emerging trends in HR according to the experts, which are all set to form the foundation of the breakthroughs of the future.

1] Automation is the Next Big Thing

The HR department has multiple responsibilities that cover every activity pertaining to employee management and welfare, throughout the entire employee lifecycle. With so much to look into, automation with the help of an advanced HR software or employee management system like 
Digital HRMS Software. Ralph Chapman, CEO of HR Search Pros, says "I have seen a huge uptick in the technology that people in HR use to become more efficient and effective over the last several years. I am confident we will continue to see the use of software to automate more and more HR tasks as 2020 continues."

2] Remote Work is Here to Stay

Perhaps the biggest impact of the year 2020 has been remote work. The year witnessed remote work become the new norm instead of the occasional thing the employees had to apply for. According to the experts, remote work is here to stay.

74% of professionals say that remote working has become the new normal. - CISION Survey

Sara Sutton, CEO/Founder of FlexJobs, says "As someone who has dedicated a large part of my career to the remote and flexible work space, I am extremely excited and optimistic for the future of remote work. In so many ways, individuals, companies, and governments are embracing telecommuting as a viable option that benefits people, the economy, the environment, and society as a whole."

Enterprises today need an advanced HR software to manage the needs of the employees during the remote work. The Digital HRMS software is an example of a HR software with an advanced employee management system that simplifies employee management during remote work. The HR software takes care of every aspect of HR functions to ensure a streamlined employee management process. 

3] The Focus on Better Onboarding Experience

Right from the initial days after the new hire comes on board, there should be efforts to make them feel at home and get familiar with the new job role and responsibility. This can be done through a systematic onboarding process with the help of an advanced HR software 
that inculcates a sense of team building in the new hires. Megan M. Biro, HR influencer and author says, “Build your organization’s goals around a shared sense of work and responsibility, sense of optimism, healthy scepticism, enthusiasm and confidence in the organization’s mission.”

4] Employee Engagement will be a Priority

As employee engagement levels drop across the globe, taking steps to boost employee engagement is one of the key priorities of the HR department today. After all, drop in employee engagement levels leads to increased employee attrition, causing financial loss to companies. An employee management system is the solution to the challenge of employee engagement. 
David Zinger, Employee Engagement Speaker and Consultant, explains that employee engagement is not just about the employee but also the management when he says, "from individuals not knowing how to best engage themselves in their work to leadership and management thinking engagement is about “them”(the other employees) and not also about themselves.”

5] AI is the Future of HR

Dave Millner, renowned author and founder of HR Curator, explains how virtual hiring using technology HR software is not just a temporary thing, but it’s here to stay, long after the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic recedes. The rapid use of HR software powered by technology like AI in the field of recruitment is changing the way enterprises hire people, forever.

Millner writes, “In my recent book ‘Introducing People Analytics’, the research highlighted three interconnected elements, the 3 D’s (Data, Design, and Digital) that will drive and change the HR function and every specialist function within it as the ‘New Normal’ emerges.”
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