Advanced HR Software as the Solution to Challenges of a Remote Workforce

At present, businesses across the globe are dealing with a crisis situation, whereby most employees are forced to work from home. It has been a major challenge for Enterprises to shift hundreds and thousands of employees to a different mode of working, and that too within a very short time frame. Thankfully, today we have the right technology to have made this possible. Remote working requires complex infrastructure for seamless connectivity along with advanced data security. It becomes a challenge for the HR department of the organisation to manage its activities without access to the office premises.

Also, with employees working remotely, managing time and attendance as well as tracking the working hours can be difficult.An advanced HR software,Digital HRMS is the answer to the challenges faced by the HR department during a situation similar to the one the world is grappling with today.

Given below are some of the functionalities that an advanced HR softwarecan bring to the table to help Enterprises sail through a situation like this without any hindrance to the activity of the HR department and without compromising on the productivity of the employees.

1] Easy Tracking of Remote Employee Productivity
For remote employees, work logs or maintaining a record of the tasks performed by the employees, isof significance in more ways than one. While it is useful for the management to monitor employee productivity, it also helps the employees to get an idea of his/her work hours and also keep a record of the tasks assigned for the day and the time taken for each task. The new age HR software has an integrated timesheet platform to facilitate this. Given below ae key statistics to know about tracking employee productivity and its benefits.

2] Seamless Remote Onboarding of Employees
In the current scenario, organizations have the entire workforce, including the HR department, working from home. Also, the need for social distancing and the limited permission for travel has made it impossible for new hires to visit the premises for the onboarding procedure. In times like these, it is the new age HRMS software that is coming to the rescue of the HR department. The HR software today offers a dedicated employee onboarding module that facilitates seamless remote onboarding, with all paperwork and formalities completed without any issues. This means the lockdown does not come in the way of companies finding and bringing the best talent on board!

Given below are statistics that show a picture of the significance of effective onboarding and the challenges faced by enterprises.

3] Online Training Management
When employees are working from home, online training is the only way employees can improve their skills and learn new things. Today, the new age HR Software provides a dedicated module for Training Management which helps the HR or the Training team to manage the entire scope of the training activities, right from identification of training needs to conducting trainings online to feedback and participant assessment.

The following statistics highlight the significance of online training for employees.

4] Advanced Data Security
The following statistics paint the picture of how data security is a challenge for enterprises today.

In the current scenario, when so many employees are working from home using their own devices, the threat to data security is at an all-time high. To protect the HR data from threats and unauthorized access, it becomes increasingly important to implement measures for taking the data security a few notches higher.The new age HRMS software is equipped with advanced data security features to help the enterprises today overcome the challenge of keeping their organizational data secure.

5] Single Click Employee Self Service
The significance of Employee Self Service (ESS) is being acknowledged by enterprises across the globe today. However, in the current scenario, with so many people working from home, it becomes more important than ever before. In fact, work from home can become easier with self-service platforms and the new age HR software platform is doing just that.The following are the common tasks that employees get to perform by logging in to the HRMS platform.

  • Updating personal information
  • Managing working hours
  • Download/view payroll information
  • Apply leaves/WFH
  • Generate reports of work hours & attendance
  • View work schedule

The following statistics showcase the significance of an ESS platform.

So, that was about the many ways in which an advanced HR software can help enterprises overcome the HR challenges of managing a remote workforce. Digital HRMS is an integrated HR software for automated HR processes and it’s the platform your business needs to manage a remote workforce.

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