Best Value Software 2020 Award for Digital HRMS

Digital HRMS is an integrated GDPR compliant HR software platform that is available on the Cloud as well as On Premise. It is a highly scalable HR software platform that allows for customization, making it the ideal software solution for small and large businesses alike. It is the one-stop HR software for effective management of all HR functions and is the HR partner your business needs to streamline HR processes.

Why Choose Digital HRMS
Here are the key features that make Digital HRMS one of the best value HR Software solution to HR challenges and a comprehensive employee management solution from hire to retire.

  • GDPR compliance ensures privacy and safety of user data
  • Availability on Cloud, on-premise and on the Mobile App increases accessibility
  • Automated attendance tracking with the mobile app using geofencing technology
  • Highly configurable modules for easy customization
  • Smart Links for approvals without the need for application login
  • Seamless integration with any Time & Attendance system
  • Multiple entities & multi-location feature in one application
  • Advanced data security capabilities to protect HR data
What really makes Digital HRMS the best value HR Software is the fact that it offers multiple modules to cater to each and every function of the HR department.

Best Value Software 2020 Award for Digital HRMS

The goal of Digital HRMS is to serve as a HR software platform that caters to every HR management requirement of businesses, with focus on quality service that meets the client expectations.

This consistent commitment to excellence by the entire team and their dedication to continuously work on the product to bring in new features and updates, has been instrumental in helping us win the SoftwareSuggest Best Value Software 2020 Award for Digital HRMS.

Given below is the link to the Digital HRMS profile on the SoftwareSuggest platform, where the above Award logo is featured.

This award for the best value HR Software is a milestone for Digital HRMS and is a testimony to its excellence as an advanced HR software in product development and service.

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