Employee Management with Digital HRMS: Explore the Features for Seamless Onboarding

Employee onboarding is key to effective employee retention and determines whether the employees would want to continue with the organisation in the long run.

Consider this:

69% of employees are more likely to stay with the company if they experience great onboarding.

This explains how significant the onboarding experience is in the employee lifecycle. This makes enterprises walk the extra mile to ensure a seamless onboarding process for the new hires with an employee onboarding system which is a part of the employee management system offered by the new age HR software. Contrary to what most people believe, onboarding is not just about the paperwork and the formalities of the very first day but goes way beyond that. In fact, it is so complex that you need an employee management system to be able to conduct the onboarding process successfully.

The onboarding process also includes the following:

  • Making the new hires familiar with the rules of the workplace, like dress code, timings, protocol to be followed, etc.
  • Induction for the new hires.
  • Setting up of the workstation of the new employees.
  • Introducing new joinees to the team members and colleagues.
  • Helping them get familiar with the office premises, including the training rooms, canteen, HR area, etc.
  • Briefing about goals, responsibilities and expectations from the new hires.
  • Providing a mentor to the new hires to help them learn their responsibilities easily and effectively.

In order to manage the multiple requirements of onboarding, the HR team needs to have an employee onboarding system which is a part of the new age employee management system that automates the onboarding process and ensures there are no gaps. Digital HRMS is an example of an employee management system and it comes with the following features:  

Intuitive UI that is easy for the users to navigate and perform actions, without having to spend too much time looking for the relevant icons and menus on the employee management system. The user-friendly UI of Digital HRMS employee management system makes it possible to finish tasks faster which boosts efficiency. Also, it indicates short learning curve.

Did you know that 40% of organisations that have not yet moved their HR software to the cloud, plan to do so by the end of this year? Cloud offers multiple advantages, anytime anywhere access and enhanced data security. Digital HRMS is an HR software platform that is available On Premise as well as on the cloud. In the current scenario of remote work, cloud-based employee management systems are the necessity for every Enterprise.

The process of employee onboarding involve multiple steps that require involvement of various departments, including the HR, accounts, recruitment, admin, IT Department, to name a few. The process also requires the new hire to move from one department to the other. A manual process for this would mean a lot of running around, which can be easily avoided with the help of the automated employee onboarding system of Digital HRMS. The employee onboarding system automates each step in the process, sending notifications and reminders wherever applicable, to streamline it and make it faster.

Digital HRMS is a customisable employee management system which means it allows enterprises to create a customised onboarding experience that complements their brand image and business values. In other words, Digital HRMS allows you to come up with an onboarding process that stands out from other firms and makes your new hires remember it for a long time.

Last but not the least, Digital HRMS has inbuilt Data Analytics capabilities that enable HR teams to analyse the data and derive feedback of the onboarding process in order to understand what works and what does not. These insights can be instrumental in helping the enterprise improve the employee onboarding system significantly.

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