Employee Management with Digital HRMS: Exploring Benefits of an Employee Management Platform

Employee management is one of the key functions of the HR department and includes the management of every aspect of the employees, right from onboarding to managing the employee benefits. With the large number of employees in the organizations today, this can be a real challenge for the HR department, because of the enormous time and efforts required to manage it all. Also, because of the large volume of work involved in managing the various aspects regarding employees, HR professionals are left with little time to focus on building strategies for employee benefit and overall growth of the company.

This is where an automated employee management software can step in as the ideal solution. It is a software platform that automates every aspect of employee management activity,allowing the HR professionals to focus on the strategic perspective. Digital HRMS is an example of an automated employee management platform that takes care of all aspects associated with the employees and their betterment.

Benefits of Automated Employee Management with Digital HRMS

Digital HRMS is an automated employee management platform that offers the following benefits:

1] Minimizes the Need of Paperwork
Digital HRMS automates everything associated with the employee management process and the complete digitalization implies that there is no need for paperwork anymore. With Digital HRMS, everything from the onboarding documentation to employee benefits, is digitalized and stored in the platform, without the need to create and manage paper documents.

2] Makes document search quick and effective
When an organization uses paper-based employee management system, one of the biggest challenges that come up is finding the right document at the right time. This is because searching for documents in the document vaults can be a time-consuming process, which takes the time and efforts of the HR professionals in the organization. However, with Digital HRMS, this can be resolved with the digital storage and management of documents.

3] Boosts efficiency of the HR team
The implementation of automated employee management with Digital HRMS saves time and efforts of the HR team, allowing them to get more work done in less time. This results in increased efficiency of the HR team, and paves the way for highly efficient employee management. It also has a positive impact on the employee experience in the organization.

4] Makes performance assessment effective
Performance assessment of the employees is highly crucial when it comes to employee engagement and the overall experience of the employees. An automated performance management system like Digital HRMS streamlines the performance assessment, prevents delays and increases the transparency of the process. With Digital HRMS, the performance assessment process begins with the employee. The employee fills a form for self-rating on various performance parameters and this form then moves to the Managers for their feedback and ratings.

5] Creates a seamless onboarding experience
Onboarding is the very first experience of a new hire after joining a company, which makes it very important. Reportedly, 79% of new hires decide whether to continue with the organization in the long run, on the basis of the onboarding experience alone! Digital HRMS streamlines the entire employee onboarding process to ease the trouble of spending hours on paperwork.

6] Gives more power to the employees
The Employee self service functionality of Digital HRMS allows employees to perform certain activities independently, just by logging into the system. This way, employees can apply for leaves, raise requests for business card and vouchers and post their queries on the HR Helpdesk to get them resolved faster. The objective is to make the employees feel more in control and to reduce the time taken for simple tasks and requests.

7] Saves money of the organization
Since Digital HRMS digitalizes the entire process of employee management, the organization can make significant cost savings on physical storage of documents and also save on the cost of paper. Also, the increased efficiency of the team adds value and helps the organization cut down costs.

8] Makes remote employee management easy and hassle free
Remote employee management is the need of the hour in the current scenario, and it can never be implemented using a traditional paper-based employee management system. This is where an automated platform like Digital HRMS can come to the rescue. With Digital HRMS and its multiple dedicated modules for every HR function, managing remote employees is a cakewalk!

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