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The HR department is one of the key departments in any organization and has a lot of roles and responsibilities. Also, as enterprises move towards digitalization, the role of the HR has also evolved over the years. However, the year 2020 has brought forth a new set of challenges for HR teams across the globe as they have to manage a workforce that is working remotely for close to a year now. Remote work has its own set of challenges for the employees as well as the HR, and HR teams all across the globe are trying to find solutions.

Here we shall have a look at what some of the leading HR thought leaders have to share when it comes to advice for the HR teams as well as insights & HR Software ideasThese are nothing but some useful HRMS tips for you to understand. So, let’s get started…

1] The Human Resource Profession is at Crossroads
Josh Bersin, renowned author and President and founder of Bersin & Associates, explains why the HR is currently undergoing a transition. The roles of the HR are changing with the changing dynamics of the workplace. As every department undergoes digitalization, the HR department is also embracing technology in the form of the new age HR software and this has changed and will be changing many things. The HR software idea is here to stay and will grow even bigger in future.

Josh says, “The human resources profession is at a crossroads. Over the last few years digital and internet technologies have radically changed the way we work, requiring a tremendous change in all areas of human resources.”

2] The Need for HR to Step Up as the Strategic Change Leader
Holly Burkett, HR Consultant and Principal of Evaluation Works, says that the new age business environment is all about change in various forms. The role of the HR department should evolve as the spearhead in driving this change, just as the HR department needs to towards adopting new technology, including HR software.

Holly’s HRMS tip for you goes like, “Building and providing strategic change leadership in the midst of explosive change patterns can seem much like trying to change tires on a moving car. While the effort might seem daunting, the key is to progressively focus on core elements that will strengthen both individual and organizational change capabilities.”

3] Technology and innovation will accelerate exponentially
Seth Kahan, leadership and performance improvement authority specializing in change leadership, explains the significance of technology and innovation and how it will drive HR functions in the near future. HR technology in the form of the new age HR software has proved to be a breakthrough in taking the efficiency and productivity of the HR department to an all new level, and this will continue well into the future. HR software is the need of the hour as every enterprise needs to implement automation of the HR processes for increased HR efficiency and a new age HR software platform like Digital HRMS is designed for this purpose.

Seth says, “Smart objects, artificial intelligence, and new HR software and applications are the key areas to witness maximum advancements in the years to come”

4] Need to Maintain the Ethical Code in Enterprises

Clarissa Peterson, Chief Human Resources Officer and Ethics Officer for Abt Associates, explains how when one is a part of the HR team in large organizations, in addition to the general responsibilities of employee management and other HR activities, there is also the ethical responsibility. It is the HR team that should ensure that the norms of ethics are not compromised in any of the dealings of the organization.

Clarissa says, “High-performing organizations understand the value of ethics within the chain of command and extend those principles to their stakeholders, which include employees, customers, and suppliers. As growing numbers of organizations become global enterprises, entering markets with vastly differing ethical codes, the human resources profession must take leadership in ensuring those norms are upheld.”

So, we see that the HR thought leaders have quite a lot of HR software and HR technology ideas to share with the HR teams and enterprises today. Did you find the HRMS tips in this post helpful? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below and you may even share your very own HRMS tips with our readers if you have any.

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