Find out how the HR activities can be handled with ease with an automated employee management system

An employee management system is a piece of HR software intended to simplify essential HR functions and raise employee efficiency. These objectives are primarily achieved through automation of labor-intensive administrative chores and the use of analytics to inform business choices.


The employee management was a tough challenge for HR previously without a dedicated HR software. The main hurdles of which are

  • Manual process
  • Lack of transparency
  • Compliance
  • System integration
  • Huge Employee data management

But with the employee management system as an HR Software, companies can easily manage a sizable quantity of employee data online by utilizing a records repository integrated for automated employee management. This would ensure that the data is correctly organized in addition to eliminating human management.

HR can easily manage a substantial quantity of employee data online with the aid of an automated employee management software and a records repository within the HR software. This will eliminate manual administration and ensure that the data is arranged properly. The Digital HRMS makes it simpler for your HR to provide new hires with a pleasant onboarding experience by decreasing paperwork. All of your hiring processes will be streamlined by its employee management system. Users have the option to simultaneously modify several job accounts.

Know more about the benefits of a new-age HR Software for employee management. The Digital HRMS employee management system has the following features:

  1. Pre-Onboarding Candidate: The Digital HRMS's first function is candidate pre-onboarding, which gives the HR/Admin the ability to manage and finish the pre-onboarding procedures online.
  2. Employee Creation: There is no paper involved in any part of the new employee onboarding procedure. The employee's joining information can be entered by HR or manager on the Employee Creation page. The employee sets up a profile on the Digital HRMS portal, entering personal and other data.
  3. Search Employee: Users can search for particular employee details or a catalogue of employees using the Search Employee feature, which allows them to filter results based on location, area of expertise, and other factors. 
  4. Employee Bulk Update: The HR/Admin can update the data for numerous workers at once or in groups using this tab. Employee Bulk Update.
  5. Bulk Document Import: The HR/Admin can make a mass import of documents into the Digital HRMS database using this choice.
  6. Background Checks: Owing to the Digital HRMS, the HR can control Background Checks straight from the program. The ultimate summary and the status can also be posted here by the HR.
  7. Remote Location: The supervisor of the Digital HRMS can specify locations where an employee must journey for work-related reasons, such as client sites, seminars, etc. The Digital HRMS smartphone software will use geofencing technology to track the employee's movements and update the system with his attendance.
  8. Compensation: Update the salary effective date and overall pay data is the aim of this feature in relation to compensation. Users can use the salary details in reports.

The Digital HRMS employee management system improves workplace satisfaction and keeps your employees happy. An environment and culture that promote effective work are necessary for your employees. An employee management system offers features like better employee payroll administration and employee information management. As a consequence, your employees' working experience will be improved.

When their labor and efforts are acknowledged for the benefits they provide to the business, employees are content. You could use employee management systems to handle your employee appreciation initiative. The features all give the workers more clout, including data-rich pay slips. The downloadable reports also enhance the HR-employee relationships, which raises efficiency and employee engagement.

Digital HRMS makes it straightforward for your HR to create a satisfying onboarding experience for your new hires by minimizing documentation. The employee management tool aims to increase the effectiveness of all of your hiring procedures. The bulk information update utility allows users to modify multiple employee accounts at once. Using the module, employees can change policy papers in line with client-defined requirements.

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