How Digital HRMS is the Solution to Challenges in Productivity Management

Productivity of employees is something that needs to be tracked by the enterprises, because it is one of the factors affecting employee appraisal. However, tracking employee productivity is not as easy as it seems. This results in most enterprises not being able to track and recognize the efforts put in by the employees on day to day basis, which negatively affects employee morale.

When it comes to employee productivity management, there are some common challenges faced by enterprises today, as enlisted below.

Challenges in Employee Productivity Management

  1. Ineffective resource utilization
  2. Time management across projects
  3. Keeping track of where the resources are spending time
  4. Systematic recording and maintenance of work logs
  5. Documentation of task status for the client’s reference for invoicing
  6. Ineffective tracking of schedule of resources
  7. Lack of parameters to measure employee performance
The solution? An advanced HR management software like Digital HRMS. The HR software platform allows employees to enter their work logs on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and it offers the multiple benefits of time and task tracking. It is the ideal platform for employee productivity management and following are its key features.

  1. Accurate billing lets your clients know you’re managing the resources well
  2. Automated billing & invoicing for increased revenue
  3. Effective effort estimation and optimization with detailed time split across tasks & activities
  4. Tracking time spent on a task made easy
  5. Understanding the proficiency of resources by tracking the productivity
  6. Resource allocation made easy and effective
  7. Provision to measure employee performance against planned timeline on the productivity management system
  8. Makes possible for project managers to anticipate project delays
  9. Boosts efficiency of employees to save costs to company
  10. Optimal budget monitoring via resource allocation
In addition to the benefits mentioned above, here are the key highlights that make the Digital HRMS employee productivity management system the ideal platform for employee productivity management.

  1. GDPR Compliance for privacy of user data
  2. Seamless Integration with key modules
  3. Dynamic workflows and role-based access
  4. Automatic alerts & notifications
  5. Anywhere anytime access to the employee productivity management system with the Mobile app
  6. Relevant across Multiple Industries
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