How Digital HRMS Task Tracking System Helps You Manage Employee Productivity During Remote Work

Since employee productivity is closely tied to performance reports and payroll, it is a critical factor. In today's world, where so many companies have employees working remotely, the importance of analysing employee productivity is greater than it was earlier. Furthermore, in a remote work environment, paper-based task tracking systems, as well as the concept of employing spreadsheets, are of little utility. The reason for this is that both of these approaches increase the likelihood of human errors.

In the current situation, tracking employee productivity and determining if they are working for a particular amount of hours is a major roadblock for teams and businesses. This is especially true for billable resources, as the client wants to know if the resources are performing as expected and that if the project will be completed on time. The issues that firms encounter today regarding employee task monitoring are as follows.

  • Ineffective resource utilization
  • Time management across projects
  • Maintaining a record of where the resources spend their time.
  • Systematic recording and maintenance of work logs
  • Documentation of work progress for the client's billing reference.
  • Ineffective tracking of schedule of resources
  • Lack of parameters to measure employee performance

What Makes Digital HRMS Task Tracking System the Solution

To meet these problems, every company requires an automated task tracking system that can handle the entire process of allocating jobs, monitoring the time allotted for each task, setting deadlines, measuring progress, and keeping track of work logs.

Digital HRMS is a modern modular integrated HRMS platform with specific modules for each HR function. It allows you to pick and select modules based on your business needs, allowing you to create your own personalised HR software that matches your demands. The Timesheets module of Digital HRMS is a task tracking system designed to assist businesses in tracking employee productivity, and the features of the time tracking tool are as follows.

  • Optimal resource utilization
  • Efficient monitoring of schedules
  • Accurate data available for invoicing
  • Optimal budget Monitoring via resource allocation
  • Provision to measure employee performance against planned timeline
  • Patterns and statistics regarding efforts, productivity, and utilisation are available at the organisational level.
  • With a comprehensive time split between jobs and activities, effective effort estimate and optimization is possible.

Key Benefits of the Digital HRMS Task Tracking System

The following are the key benefits of the powerful task tracking system offered by the Digital HRMS platform.

  • It's much easier to assign assignments to employees with an automated time tracking tool.
  • Automated report generation is made easier using the task tracking system.
  • Quick and easy client updates on job completion by resource and total hours worked, all on the task tracking system, which is essential for billing.
  • Keeping track of and approving assigned work has never been easier with an automated task tracking system.
  • Provision for keeping track of staff working hours and sharing them with clients to ensure that resource operations are transparent.

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