How to Streamline Booking Your Conference Rooms Through an Advanced Conference Room Booking System

What is Conference Room Booking System?

Conference rooms, workspaces, and other work-related resources are reserved via meeting room booking systems. These systems guarantee that the essential facilities for meetings and work-related activities are available while also tracking resource consumption.


In workplaces and shared workspaces, conference room booking systems are employed. With access rights, the reservation procedure may be adjusted to develop scheduling protocols that prioritize resources for the most urgent or immediate demands.

Reservations and invitations can be sent by email or mobile app. Integrations with the calendar and email software allow for more efficient scheduling and communication with meeting attendees and other resource users. They also frequently support Digital Signage, which are electronic screens outside conference rooms that provide current meeting information as well as expedite registration and check-ins. 

Meetings are a crucial part of every professional's day nowadays. They are required in order to discuss crucial concepts and thoughts and reach practical conclusions. Meetings are required when individuals operate as a team.

While meetings consume time, coordinating meetings might use more time than the meeting itself. When we talk about meeting management, we mean the process of organizing meetings, issuing invitations, finding a location, alerting attendees, sharing the agenda, and so on.

We've all had experience renting conference rooms for brainstorming sessions, discussions, and meetings with other teams when working in corporate offices. However, scheduling a conference room is not always as straightforward as it could be since we fail to select a conference room that best matches our needs. This is frequently because the entire booking process is poorly handled, and staff has no way of knowing if the accommodation they are seeking is already booked for a specific time frame. This causes confusion and mayhem, and the employees waste time as a result.

Meetings, however, are no longer what they used to be with the introduction of remote work. People today interact, debate, and collaborate with their team members and coworkers via online meetings on platforms such as MS Teams and GoToMeeting. 

Reason to Choose Digital HRMS Conference Room Booking Module:

Digital HRMS had expanded support for online meeting management across different meeting software platforms. Furthermore, the online conference room management platform includes the convenience of automatic invitations to guests as well as the ability to alter or postpone meetings. Scheduling Meetings with Digital HRMS is very easy.

Management of Online Conference Room Booking System Using a Digital HRMS:

The Conference Room Booking feature is included in Digital HRMS for an easy online conference room management platform. 

Here are some of the features of the Digital HRMS Conference Room Booking System that you can utilize for both offline and online meeting management.

  • There is a location where you can keep track of the conference rooms and what is offered in each (for offline meetings).
  • Meetings can be planned daily/weekly or on certain days.
  • Online meetings may be planned using a number of systems, such as Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, and Zoom.
  • There is the option of hiring a room based on the equipment required (for offline meetings).
  • Attendees may be designated as Required or Optional.
  • After the meeting has been set, auto-generated emails are sent to all attendees' Outlook inboxes.
  • The user may view the details of the planned meetings as well as a list of meetings arranged by others in the firm.

To keep everyone informed about schedule changes and other modifications, the Digital HRMS delivers email notifications. Everyone who attends can communicate effectively and no one will feel left out.

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