Infographics Blog on Employee Retention Statistics

Consider this:

25% of all new employees leave within the first year itself. - Allied Workforce Mobility Survey

According to statistics like this, employee retention is one of the biggest challenges for HR department in Enterprises across the globe. This has made Enterprises to wake up to the need for taking adequate measures to curb employee attrition and make the employees stay with the organisation for longer periods. After all, employee attrition affects the organisation negatively in more ways than one, the cost incurred due to vacant positions coupled with the cost of recruitment, makes every company want to boost retention so that they are not left with recruiting and training people for the same position over and over again. Here are some key statistics on employee retention to help you get an idea of the scenario today.

As these statistics indicate, employee retention is a serious concern for Enterprises today. The focus on employee engagement measures has been more than ever, with Enterprises investing in advanced HR software platforms to manage employee engagement effectively. Digital HRMS is an advanced HR software that helps HR teams boost employee engagement in more ways than one.

Digital HRMS helps in employee retention by creating a good onboarding experience right from the start. Here are some key pointers on how Digital HRMS streamlines the employee onboarding process.

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