Infographics Blog on Key features of an HR Mobile App in 2021

This is the era of enterprise mobility and enterprises across the globe are taking the necessary steps to allow the employees perform their tasks and access key information anytime anywhere on their mobile devices. This is a concept that has been prevalent for quite a while now, but the advent of the pandemic has tipped the scales in favour of allowing employees to work remotely using their own devices.

However, remote work is incomplete without access to human resources information on the go. This is where the new age HRMS mobile apps come into the picture. Every advanced HR software platform today offers a mobile app with a unique set of mobile specific features. The infographics below showcases the key features of the new age HRMS mobile apps of today.

Now that we have learnt about the features that one should expect in an HR mobile app today, let's look at a good example of such an app in order to understand its benefits - the Digital HRMS mobile app.

The Digital HRMS mobile app is available for Android and iOS users. This app has been developed to allow the users to access the features of the advanced HR software platform directly on their mobile devices. The use of advanced technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning contributes towards an enhanced user experience. The app is ideal for employees working remotely from any location across the globe. Here we shall look at some of the key benefits of the Digital HRMS mobile app.

Advanced Security Features

One of the foremost concerns of remote work is security and the Digital HRMS mobile app offers advanced security features to ensure that the sensitive employee information is not compromised with. So, with the Digital HRMS mobile app security features, the users can access HR functions on the go without having to worry about data security.

Attendance management simplified

A key advantage of the Digital HRMS mobile app is the ease of attendance tracking and management. This app enables the employees to record their attendance even without stepping into the office premises, thus making it an ideal solution for remote employees. Geofencing is a technology used by the HR mobile app for remote attendance tracking.

Ease of leave management

Another advantage of an advanced mobile app like Digital HRMS is the simplified approach to leave management. It enables employees to raise leave requests anytime anywhere, which ensures they don't miss out on raising requests on time. It also facilitates quick approvals. This makes it easy for the HR department to calculate leaves and also avoid discrepancies in the payroll.

Access to mobile specific features

When you have an app that has been developed for the mobile environment, it offers certain advantages over the web environment. This is because the app has access to the mobile specific hardware features of the devices, such as the microphone, camera, fingerprint sensor, face recognition and more. This contributes towards an enhanced and unique user experience when compared to the web.

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